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5 easy tips to follow to lose weight.

Are you trying to lose weight? Used every diet known to mankind and still seeing no results. We get so overwhelmed by new diet and health fads that we forget about the very basics of losing weight. To lose weight we must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These 5 simple steps will help you lose weight with NO dieting.

1. Water

You’ve probably heard it 1000 times before but the benefits of drinking just 1 litres of water a day is endless. Water maximises your metabolism, performance, energy, brain function, and general health and wellbeing. There is so much research and studies about the proven effects of weight loss from drinking water.nvj-pdu98wu-aidan-meyer

In one study, dieters who drank half a litre of water before meals lost 44% more weight, over a period of 12 weeks. The weight loss was 2 kg greater in the water group than in the non-water group, (1).

Go grab yourself a 1 litre bottle of water now and start drinking it throughout your day.

2. Track everything

spvhcbuki6e-william-ivenIt’s a digital world, we hate to admit it but we live on our phones. So why not track your food and activity on them. Tracking apps are designed to track daily activity and diet. Theres so many free tracking apps out now you’d be silly not to download one. Their basically a food and exercise diary on your phone. How they work? The dietary apps normally work by putting in details/photos about yourself and what you’ve eatten. The app will count your calorie intake, fats, sugars and so much more. Activity trackers are pretty simple you just have to keep your mobile near/on you for it to track and read your daily activity.

By tracking your food and exercise it makes it really easy for you to understand and see where and why you’re losing weight or gaining weight.

3. Eat. Do not starve

On a busy schedule we’re all guilty of missing a meal here and there. But nutrition is the key to weight loss and a healthy diet. Missing meals constantly has shown to slow down metabolism resulting in weight gain. This happens because of the two hunger hormones involved: Leptin and Ghrelin. You must be consistent with your meals and eat a minimum of 3 meals a day to keep your body happy and healthy.
Under eating causes a rise in the hormone ghrelin, resulting in an increased appetite. It also causes the hormone leptin to drop. Both leptin and ghrelin reassures the brain that body weight is not too low, so without enough, metabolism drops and the body tries to hold on to fat. (1.2)

4. Slow down

Change you’re eating habits slightly. Instead of wolfing down your food, eat slower. It will give your brain more time to process the chemicals and hormones that tell your brain “I’m full”. This can prevent bloating and over eating resulting in weight loss.

“Your brain takes around 20 minutes to register food intake. After your meal, chemicals and hormone levels continue to rise over 10 to 30 minutes. They stay elevated for three to five hours following the meal, keeping you sated. If you do not feel full directly following a meal, wait. Your body will register food intake soon enough and hunger will dissipate(2)“.
Tip- Drinking a glass of water with a meal can suppress hunger, like we have discussed above.

 5. Sleep


Get your hours in. Sleep can seriously effect your health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep has bad effects on the body. It also has a lot of contribution to weight gain  and not being able to lose weight.

Heres some of Julia Westbrook slimming sleep secrets. 

  • It stops late night snacking.
  • It helps you burn more calories.
  • It leads to more fat loss.
  • It makes you a smarter supermarket shopper.
  • It helps you practice portion control.
  •  It keeps your brain on track. (2.2)

So there they are, yes I know their very easy but we’re all guilty of forgetting them and need reminding in our hectic lifestyles.


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