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Banana - Protein Pancakes

Busy lifestyle making it hard for you to find time to cook?
Well here's a quick healthy alternative to the microwave meals that we all have and then later regret eating.
Ready made meals often contain low grade food products and some nasty chemicals to preserve the food, often heavy in saturated fat (fat that the body stores and finds hard to shift) and other things such as Gluten which can make us feel sluggish.

An alternative solution:-
Banana Pancakes (Or Banana and Protein Pancakes) These pancakes can be made in under ten minutes!
Ingredients Required:-
. 2 Eggs
. 1 Banana
. 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed and Unrefined)
. 20g Peak Supps Whey Protein Powder (Optional and flavour of your choice)
.Manuka Honey (Optional)
How to Cook?
1.)Firstly get a large flat frying pan and put onto medium head, cover base of pan with a tablespoon of Coconut Oil and spread all across pan once melted to stop pancake mix from sticking.
2.)Peel banana and place into a large mixing bowl, crack the two eggs and also tip into mixing bowl, if you want to add protein powder now is the time do so, add 20g of protein powder maximum. Now with a mashing tool, mash all the contents in the mixing bowl together. Shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds to mix. 
3.)Now tip your egg,banana (and Protein Powder) pancake mix into the frying pan that is now already heated. Try to tip mix evenly over pan.
4.)After 4-5 minutes you will need to flip pancake over to cook both sides evenly. Let other side cook for 4-5minutes.
5.)Put pancake onto plate and if you have a bit of a sweet tooth add Honey (Preferbaly Manuka Honey) onto pancake.
6.)Ready to eat, a quick meal with a good amount of carbohydrates, protein and healthy (MCT) fats.
Note:- There are different grades of coconut oil, refined oil tends to lose many of the beneficial compounds that makes coconut oil very good for you, always try to buy COLD PRESSED and UNREFINED coconut oil, as it has way More MCT and other beneficial properties. I could go on about the benefits of good quality coconut oil but a quick search on Google will show you pages of how it's good for cognitive function, memory, immune system support, losing weight etc...
Manuka honey is also far healthier than regular honey, even though it does generally come with a steeper price tag.
Hope you find this a good alternative to those nasty microwave meals or snacks.
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