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It’s likely that “Massage Balls” in one way or another, have been used in ancient civilisations throughout the ages. 

Pile of rocks sunset sky

Well, probably porous stones or rocks.


So what makes modern ones so special?

Modern Massage Balls have been designed to be the perfect rigidity / softness in order to treat muscle for tightness without damaging your precious muscle tissue, whilst also getting that typical massage feeling of… “ouch, that’s kinda good!”.

We all sometimes have that feeling like we need a thorough sports massage to take the tension off our bodies. Be it sitting at the office desk or smashing an intense workout, we all get knots, tightness and tension in our muscles, that needs to be released somehow before we experience pain and posture difficulties.

Massage balls offer a solution to this without breaking the bank (or our backs) with frequent massages. 

Using our Peak Supps Balls Set, with a selection of 3 different massage balls, you can get the complete muscle release experience from home. 

This selection of massage balls allows you to work on tight muscle tissues (to achieve Myofascial release), muscular knots and stiff joints.

"Myofascial release" releases deep layers of fascia that connect and wrap around whole muscle groups. This makes them elastic and functional again, without the controlled damage of more traditional cross-fiber techniques. 

The massage ball allows you to reach the deep areas of tight tissue with the use of applied pressure or your own body weight. 

All three balls are effective at releasing neck, shoulders, back, chest, forearms, buttocks, hamstrings and calves, ankles and plantar fascia for both men and women.

The peanut massage ball is especially effective for mid back, IT band (outer thigh), glutes, hips and hamstrings.


How do you use a massage Ball? 


Peak Supps Infographic - Massage Balls


It's important to know some basics of how a massage ball can be used, but there isn't much that can go wrong with a bit of common sense. If you are injured and are experiencing severe pain in the area, do yourself a favour and seek medical attention. 

If, like the rest of us, you're just feeling stiff and achy, carry on. 

Either massage ball can used:

- In your hand with direct pressure applied to the area requiring treatment.

- On the floor (Between floor surface and your body), your own body weight is used to apply the pressure.

- Against a wall (Between floor surface and your body), your own body weight is used to apply the pressure.

- By someone else applying pressure through the ball onto the treatment / target area for you.

- We recommend treating areas for 60-120 second intervals, with 2min+ break between sets (Maximum 3 sets per treatment area).


The Video by Yuri Elkaim below provides a great visual aid, along with a little biology lesson!



If you'd like to try out a selection of different massage balls, why not try our

Peak Supps Massage Balls Set, offering a great overall discount on a selection of

three different balls, with free UK delivery! 

Massage Ball Set from Peak Supps (With Bag)




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