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Prepping Meals 101


Meal Prep

Meal prep 101 - Yes, meal prep can be boring and time-consuming but it is so beneficial! With our help you can make it as quick and creative as you want... So let's get it done!

Here are our 10 tips on how to prep meals like a boss!

  1. When you prep and plan meals, you'll have less temptation to cheat and more time to think about adding good foods into your meals.

  2. Plan your meals for the week and prep meals for 2 days in advance.

  3. Once your plan is in place, always take your shopping list with you to the supermarket. This helps you stay on track and you hopefully won't forget anything!

  4. Always cook enough food for tomorrows lunch - This is a lifesaver!!

  5. Batch cook, prepare large quantities of individual foods for the purpose of using them in different ways throughout the week. This method is useful if you don’t have much time to spend cooking during the week.

  6. Invest in quality storage containers -  Consider glass or bamboo container and number them (they get lost too easily)

  7. Find healthy alternatives for those naughty treats you keep having. These small changes can make a big difference. Our most popular alternative is changing your coffee to green tea.

  8. Make sure you're following a nutritional plan which is right for YOU! Too many people follow a nutritional plan which isn't right for their body or lifestyle

  9. Don't forget to prep your drinks also! Staying hydrated is just as important.

  10. Research - If your bored of the same meal, get on the internet and start spicing things up. There are so many chefs and nutritionists out there sharing their creative meals and ideas for free!

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