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Having healthy, youthful glowing skin is what every woman wants. NO blemishes NO wrinkles and NO sun damage.

There is 3 natural ways of ensuring your skin stays youthful and healthy: Protect your skin from the sun, don’t smoke and stay on a healthy diet.

Although, if that isn’t working for you there is also other ways of keeping your skin under control. There is a lot of beneficial products that can help you with your skin and keep it healthy. Though these products can be expensive and won’t last as long as many other more affordable supplements.

At Peak Supps we believe to have healthy skin, you must look after your inside for it to show on the outside. We believe that 3 of our products can lead you to healthier looking skin. The right supplements, skin protection and a healthy diet can keep your skin glowing.

Green Tea

Green tea can make improvements to your skin complexion, reenergise your skin and make you healthier on the inside and out. These are the areas it can help with:

  • Improve your skin elasticity
  • Reduce inflammation and blemishes
  • Protect from sun damage

A study in a dermatologic surgery showed that women taking green tea supplements had proven to make an improvement on their skins elastic content. Increasing the elasticity of your skin helps to retain a smooth wrinkle-free face. Because green tea contains high levels of OCP’s, it slows down the premature ageing process if taken internally. It is proven that using internal green tea supplements shows signs of skin ageing such as; sagging, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Using green tea supplements will help to make your skin stronger so the signs of skin ageing is prevented. (1)

Green tea contains anti-oxidants that can calm inflamed skin and help to bring acne under control. Green tea makes your skin produce less sebum, reduce your inflammation and boost your immune system. Green tea stops more production of free radicals and this will help to slow down the inflammatory process. Taking green tea supplements will help to regulate insulin levels, blood pressure and balance hormones which will contribute to the severity of acne. Green tea can also prevent acne from scarring your face as it contains anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, selenium, zinc, manganese and chromium. These are all essential to having healthy skin.

As we’ve said before Green tea has a high content of anti-oxidants that protects the skin from UV damage. The anti-oxidants in green tea get rid of harmful free radicals in the body and on the skin. In addition to applying green tea products to your face it helps to use internal green tea supplements which will protect your skin against UV radiation.

Researchers have proven that after 12 weeks of green tea supplement consumption it decreases in the volume, roughness and scaling of the skin. The researchers concluded that by consuming green tea supplements once a day will have contribute towards your protection against harmful UV radiation and helps maintain your skin structure. (2)

At Peak Supps we have two green tea supplements; powder and tablets. For more information on green tea go to peaksupps


As Glycine is a non-essential amino acid it is a necessary development of protein in your skin. It is proven that glycine will help to repair damaged tissue and promote healing in your skin. It can also help to slow down the skin ageing process and decrease wrinkles.

Key skin benefits of glycine:

  • Repair damaged tissue
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Skin age delaying benefits

How glycine works? Glycine can be used to help generate muscle tissue by increasing your bodies creatine levels in order to breakdown muscle. One study shows that glycine doesn’t just repair muscles it also repairs and replenishes the skin and connective tissue. (3). If you don’t want poor looking and broken skin after a workout then use Glycine supplements to repair the muscles. Glycine is one of the three amino acids that forms Creatine, which can help to promote muscle growth and energy production during exercise. Glycine can also act as a glycogenic amino acid which means it can help your body regulate blood sugar levels.

For more information on Glycine click here


MSM not as commonly known as green tea and glycine but is just as strong and beneficial for your skin. MSM is a nutrient that you can consume in many known foods. MSM is a well-known product used for arthritis, since it helps to soften the joint tissue and restore flexibility. This is one of the main reasons MSM is an effective skincare treatment. Some people have reported that they have had improvements with their skin when supplementing MSM internally. The types of improvements that MSM supplements will make:

  • Improves skin health and complexion
  • Keeps skin smooth and youthful
  • Is an anti-inflammatory

MSM is necessary for collagen production in the skin. A loss of collagen can cause sagging skin, wrinkles, dry and cracked skin. MSM will work together with vitamin C to build new, healthy tissue. By using MSM supplements you can quickly improve your complexion and get healthy looking skin. MSM normalises collagen formation & radically improves your skins health. MSM is seen as an anti-inflammatory for your skin due to the ability of allowing metabolic waste to be removed from cells, this mean less redness and inflamed acne.

Sulphur is known as natures ‘beauty mineral’ because of its powerful effect that keeps skin smooth and youthful. Sulphur is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin. These are proteins that are necessary for the health and maintenance of skin, nails and hair. Taking oral dosage supplements of MSM have shown to be effective against acne, rosacea, and dry, scaly and itching skin. MSM is known to be helpful in treating skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

At Peak Supps we have both MSM tablet and powder. For more information on MSM click here


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