Peak 82 Grass-Fed Whey Protein - Unflavoured

  • Can be used to add protein to nutritious bakes (flapjacks, bread, muffins)
  • Contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass
  • Brilliant value for money

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What is Peak 82 Grass-Fed Whey Protein?

Pure Whey Concentrate is an "instant" whey protein sourced from cheese and has a high biological value and is a spray dried powder. It’s an ideal ingredient for dietetic preparations thanks to its solubility and easy mixability. Peak Supps Whey protein offers a great quality source of protein, which contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. Whey protein concentrate is the most popular whey protein powder on the market. If you’re looking for a premium quality whey protein powder which delivers exceptional value for money, look no further than Peak Supps Whey Protein Concentrate.

Produced in Brittany (South France) by one of Europe's leading Whey Protein suppliers; The cattle are fed on grass for the vast majority of the year (Only moved indoors and fed non GMO grain during bad weather). Pure Whey Protein is a rich source of whey protein concentrate from cheese whey. Having a high biological Value (BV) compared to many other proteins, unflavoured whey contains high levels of both essential and non-essential Amino Acids.

Unflavoured Pure Whey Protein benefits

  • Excellent Amino acid profile; 80% Protein & Naturally high in BCAA's
  • Low in Carbohydrates and low in fats
  • Contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass
  • High biological value (Fast absorption rate)
  • Can be used to add high quality protein to nutritious bakes (Protein pancakes, muffins, flapjacks, bread etc)

Our Whey Protein provides 83g of protein per 100g (dry basis), is low in fat and lactose and rich in calcium. This protein is an excellent source of essential amino acids and contains one of the highest proportions of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) found in natural protein.

Recommended Intake

Add one and half scoops (30g) to 150-200ml of water . Shake and consume immediately. Use less liquid for a thicker and stronger tasting shake. Adjust to taste.

We recommend 2-5 servings daily to increase your protein intake. Best taken at breakfast, post workout and in between meals.

Experts suggest a minimum 1g of protein per pound of body weight daily to promote lean muscle growth. Others mention 1.2-1.7g of protein per kg bodyweight. (e.g. 70kg – 70x1.7 = 119g of protein per day)

Nutritional Information

Per 30g Serving of powder

Energy: 119Kcal
Energy: 500 kJ
Protein: 23.7g
Fat: 2.3g
- of which saturates: 0.6g
Carbohydrates: 0.9g
- of which sugars: 0.9g
Fibre: 0g

Per 100g of powder
Energy: 398Kcal
Energy: 1666 kJ
Protein: 79.1g
Fat: 7.8g
- of which saturates: 2g
Carbohydrates: 3g
- of which sugars: 3g
Fibre: 0g
Salt: 2g

Amino Acid Profile - Per 100g of Proteins

Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s)
Leucine – 13g
Isoleucine – 6g
Valine – 5.9g
Phenylalanine – 4.1g
Tryptophan – 2.4g
Lysine – 10.6g
Methionine – 2.3g
Threonine – 5.4g

Non Essential Amino Acids

Alanine – 5.1g
Arginine – 3g
Aspartic acid – 11.8g
Cysteine – 2.5g
Glutamic acid – 18.9g
Glycine – 2g
Histidine – 2.2g
Proline – 5.4g
Serine – 4.9g
Tyrosine – 2.4g

Amount of Essential amino acids (EAA’s) = 49.7g
Amount of Branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) =24.9g


Unflavoured - Whey Protein concentrate, sunflower lecithin (E332)

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