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ZMA has been an extremely popular supplement over the years, especially among men looking to optimise recovery and test levels. Its gained popularity as a 'sleep supplement' as majority of users take this supplement before bed. ZMA can improve sleep quality, helping you feel revitalised in the morning.

ZMA is a blend of Vitamins & Minerals. The product combines Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin B6. Peak Supps formula uses highly bio available sources of Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin b6 (Pyridoxine).

Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance and normal protein synthesis. It assists with the growth and maintenance of normal bones and proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

Zinc contributes to multiple functions in the body. This includes: normal function of the immune system, cognitive function, eye health, maintenance of healthy skin, hair, nails and bones.

Benefits of Zinc:

- Can help increase muscle size & strength
- Supports muscle recovery processes
- Contributes to normal testosterone levels
- Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
- Contributes to normal protein metabolism
- Can help improve quality of sleep
- Ideal supplement before bed

Vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism. It’s contributes to a healthy immune system and normal energy yielding metabolism.

Zinc & Magnesium are both minerals lacking in modern diets which can often result in deficiencies. The demand for these nutrients are higher for those involved in intense exercise. Adequate amounts of these Minerals and Vitamins will promote recovery and help maintain good health.

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We recommend 2 capsules daily for women.

We recommend 3 capsules daily for men.

For optimal results take 30-60 minutes before sleep. (Avoid taking with dairy or any other calcium containing foods/supplements).

Serving size:                         2 capsules (NRV/RDA)                   3 Capsules (NRV/RDA)

Magnesium                           - 300mg         - 80%                          - 450mg         - 120%

Zinc                                        - 20mg            - 200%                       - 30mg            - 300%

Vitamin B6                             - 7mg              - 500%                       - 10.5mg        - 750%

Magnesium citrate buffered, magnesium oxide, Capsule Shell (Gelatin (Bovine), HPMC), Zinc Methionine, Zinc Aspartate, Bulking agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose), Anti caking agent (Magnesium stearate (Vegetable)), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Anti caking agent (Silicon Dioxide).

None. Packed in a facility that handles Milk, Soy, Egg and Gluten.

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