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Key Points
- Peak Supps Keto complete is formulated with BHB Ketones that can help burn stored fat as energy via ketosis.
- Popular supplement used alongside a Keto / Ketogenic Diet.
- Easy to swallow capsules
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The Ketogenic (Keto) diet is becoming an extremely popular and effective method of loosing weight. A Ketogenic diet is a diet that generally avoids foods that contain carbohydrates. To compensate for this there is often an increase in foods that contain fats and/or protein.

Peak Supps Keto Complete capsules can be a great addition to your diet if you are looking to achieve ketosis. BHB Ketones can helps boost ketone levels for short periods of time, helping you get into the fat burning zone, also known as ketosis.

BHB acts as an energy source. It enters the mitochondria of the cell and is converted to acetoacetate, after which it undergoes a reaction where CoA is added. The result is acetoacetyl-CoA, which forms acetone and acetyl-CoA. 

Acetyl-CoA progresses into the Krebs cycle and results in the production of ATP, which is one the bodies primary energy systems.

Peak Supps Keto Complete have been specially designed for people looking to burn up fat whilst adhering to their Keto diet.

BHB Ketones are designed to get you into Ketosis (Ketosis is when the body starts to burn fat not carbs, a keto diet is required alongside this product for greatest effect.

Serving Sizes
30 Capsules (10 Day Trial) 
90 Capsules  (1 Month Supply)
180 Capsules (2 Month Supply)

 Recommended intake

As a food supplement, we recommend consuming 1 Capsule, 3 times a day, best taken with water.

 Nutritional information
1 Capsule serving provides:
BHB Magnesium Ketone – 650mg (Providing Magnesium – 58mg (16% NRV))
*** Not suitable for Vegans or vegetarians.***

BHB-Magnesium, Capsule shell (Bovine gelatin), Flow agent (Magnesium stearate)


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