Resistance Bands (Pastel Range) - 30cm Looped
Resistance Bands - Pastel Set Peak Supps set of 3 pastel glute bands are designed for women, they have been vigorously trialled and tested by fitness enthusiasts to create the perfect range. Our bands are made of the highest quality...
from £6.49
Resistance Bands - 1m Long Loop
***Bands in this listing can be purchased individually or as a pair*** Resistance Exercise Bands - Long Loop (1m) Resistance bands are an essential tool for most athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They are multi functional and can be utilised by...
from £5.99
Resistance Band - Hip Circle - Fabric
Resistance Band - Hip Circle - Fabric Available as a single band or a full set of 3 (Free accessory bag included in full set).Our resistance bands are heavy duty so we recommend:- Pink Band for light to moderate gym...
from £4.75
Resistance Bands - 25cm Looped
Peak Supps Resistance Bands Peak Supps Loop bands are made of the highest quality latex available, tested thoroughly and able to sustain a safe stretch of up to 150% of original length. The resistance loop bands are lightweight and durable, making...
from £2.49
Occlusion Band
Occlusion Band | Blood Flow Restriction Wrap These bands have multiple uses. For example they can be used for Blood flow restriction training and as compression band to compress swelling or myofascial release (MFR). Blood Flow Restriction / Occlusion Training...
from £9.49
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