Skipping Rope 9ft / 2.74m - Adjustable Length

  • Popular cardio exercise
  • A great HIIT tool
  • Use anywhere, anytime

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Skipping Rope

Professional pvc skipping rope with plastic handles, 2.74 metres (9 ft) in length excluding handles, can be easily adjusted. 3m (9.8 ft) in length including handles.

  1. Popular cardio exercise – A great workout accessory to improve stamina and up intensity training for sports, fitness training and general exercise.
  2. A great HIIT tool – Skip before, during or after a workout to increase heart rate and burn those extra calories.
  3. Use anywhere, anytime – Peak Supps skipping rope can be used at the gym, home or even on lunch breaks if you really are short on time.
  4. Adaptable – 3m (10ft) in length, can be shortened to suit any height.
  5. Practice makes perfect – Our lightweight skipping rope might have you doing double unders, twisters & the Mohammed Ali shuffle in no time...
  6. Portable, so light you’ll forget it’s there (maybe defeating the object) so remember to do your workouts…

To adjust the length of the rope, pull down the plastic attachment from the end of the rope and move the remaining piece of plastic down to the desired length, cut the rope. Reattach the cap, which will hold the adjustable slider in place and ensure the rope is your desired length. Plastic cap shown in image 4.

Please be aware that using the rope on abrasive surfaces may damage the protective coating.

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Skipping Rope 9ft / 2.74m - Adjustable Length
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