Resistance Bands - Pastel Set

  • Glute activation – The ultimate booty band 
  • Stretching and flexibility 
  • Rehabilitation and mobility 

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Pastel Loop Bands
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Resistance Bands - Pastel Set

Peak Supps set of 3 pastel glute bands are designed for women, they have been vigorously trialled and tested by fitness enthusiasts to create the perfect range. Our bands are made of the highest quality latex and tested to withstand a safe stretch of up to 200% the original length.

They are great for adding difficulty to compound and isolation glute exercises. They are also a great addition for warm-ups, stretching, to define and tone, improve strength and aid flexibility. They are great for all muscle groups, but especially designed for booty gains! Peak Supps ‘booty bands’ are extremely versatile, lightweight and colourful to add some style to your workout.

Peak Supps glute bands support a range of training such as -

Glute activation – The ultimate booty band
Stretching and flexibility
Rehabilitation and mobility
An extensive range of glute workouts
Great accessory to train all muscle groups

Can incorporate into workouts such as

  • Squats, glute bridges (Place the band above the knees)
  • Glute kickbacks, Crab walks (Place just above the knee or ankle)
  • Hip thrust (Place the band above knee) 

Band Dimensions
30cm x 5cm Blue Band - 0.5mm Thick (Light resistance)

30cm x 5cm Pink Band - 0.9mm Thick (Moderate resistance)

30cm x 5cm Purple Band - 1.2mm Thick (Heaviest resistance)


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