Hand Grip Strengthener Balls - Hand, Wrist and Finger


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Ball Type

*Please note if you are purchasing a singular ball you won't receive a carry bag. Carry bags are only supplied with the full set of 3.*

Peak Supps Squeeze Balls
ergonomic design allows all the balls to be used in a variety of ways, the advantage on an egg shaped ball is that it enables a variety of grips and can provide varying degrees of difficulty in comparison to standard circular ball.

The squeeze balls can be used to strengthen / rehabilitate:-
- Fingers and Thumb
- Wrist
- Forearms (Flexors and Brachioradialis)

Particularly useful for:-
- Injury rehabilitation (Forearm Tendinitis, Golfers Elbow)
- Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
- Musicians (Pianists etc...) 
- Rock climbers
- Grappling martial arts
- Brazilian Jui-jitsu (BJJ)
- Ball Sports
- Racket Sports
- Judo
- Wrestling
- Gymnastics
- Golf
- Hockey

The squeeze balls are available in 3 different strengths to allow you to progress your strength / rehabilitation with:-
- Green (Soft)
- Grey (Moderate)
- Black (Firm)

Directions for use
Any ball can placed in a variety of positions of the hand (As demonstrated in images), how the ball is held will effect which muscles are being used, the ball can be used:-
- Concentrically (Squeeze and release repeatedly for repetitions until muscles are fatigued)
- Isometrically (Squeeze and hold at light / moderate / maximum effort squeeze position for a set period of time or until failure).
The user can determine how many sets or repetitions are require based on their goals / strength level / rehabilitation programme.

Length: 5.6cm Height x 4.2cm Width (Per Ball)
Weight: 50g (Per Ball)
Material: Thermoplastic Rubber

The balls are produced with thermoplastic rubber and can be compressed/stretched repeatedly and return to their original shape.

These balls work well with the Peak Supps forearm ex-tensor bands to train all the major muscle groups in the forearms.

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