Barbell protection pad with fasteners - Squats, Hip Thrusts

• Ideal to add to barbells when performing Squats, Hip thrusts & lunges.

• High density foam that provides additional comfort

• Two velcro straps that help secure the barbell pad


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Peak Supps Barbell Protection Pad

Uses the highest quality high-density PVC Foam available to support you when using barbell equipment.

The barbell pad fits perfectly around the Olympic barbells grip section of the bar (centre section).

Benefits of using a Barbell pad:

  • Disperses the weight of the barbell across the area of the body that is carrying the weight (Shoulders / Neck typically for squat based exercises, Hips for hip thrusts etc).  Relieves painful pressure on your neck, shoulder or hips, allow you to perform the heaviest squats in comfort.
  • The outside layer of the pad is compressed and provides additional grip for added anti-slip properties.
  • Portable and lightweight (Only weighs 250g).

Great for providing additional comfort for exercises such as:

  • Squats
  • Barbell Walks
  • Lunges
  • Hip Thrusts.

Directions for Use

Push the barbell padding onto the barbell bell with gap the opening that allows the barbell to be inserted. Once the pad is fitted onto the barbell please ensure the pads open section is upwards (to the ceiling) when in use to ensure the barbell stays firmly in the barbell padding. 


Dimensions: 42cm Length x 10cm Wide Diameter (at widest point),
Inner diameter for barbell placement: 25mm-40mm
Foam Thickness: 4cm
Material: High Density PVC Foam
Colors: Black & Pink

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Barbell protection pad with fasteners - Squats, Hip Thrusts
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