Large Massage Ball (High Density EVA Material) (12.5cm Diameter)

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What is the Peak Supps Large Eva Massage Ball?

Peak Supps large EVA high density ball provides a large surface area and good traction to give an effective myofascial release (MFR) and hydrate potentially dehydrated areas of muscle / fascia.

It is perfect for areas such as:

  • Lumbar / lower back
  • Neck and shoulder
  • Groin, Glutes and piriformis
  • Hamstring and quads
  • Hips and psoas

These areas can often be too intensely targeted with smaller lacrosse balls, so our EVA balls larger surface area is ideal for getting into these areas without too much discomfort.

What is the purpose of the Large Eva Massage ball?

  • Provide Myofascial release (MFR) to areas of tight fascia or incorrectly functioning fascia.
  • Release tight muscles, joints and to free up any knots in the muscle fibres.
  • Improve circulation of the effected area once the fascia / muscles have been worked on and released.

Material: High density EVA
Diameter: 12.5cm (4.92 inches)
Weight: 74 Grams
Color: Green

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Directions for use

Our large EVA massage ball is best used with your body weight over or against the ball such as:- 

  • On the floor; the ball between the floor surface and your body, your own body weight is used to apply the pressure.
  • Against a wall; between the wall and your body, your own body weight is used to apply the pressure.
  • By someone else applying pressure through the ball onto the treatment / target area for you.

We recommend treating areas for 60-120 second intervals, with 2min+ break between sets (Maximum 3 sets per treatment area).

Try and work the muscle area / restricted area slowly through the full range of motion with the massage ball having adequately applied pressure on the target / treatment area, holding the position at any tight spot for 15-30 seconds during the 60-120 second treatment interval. Areas of tightness and discomfort should be focused on for extended periods.

Caution: Please beware that adding too much pressure or weight onto the ball whilst treating an area could cause great discomfort or injury so we advise that you initially start with light pressure until you’re feeling adequate pressure (It should feel uncomfortable but not painful or have a burning sensation).

Not to be used on an area that is currently recovering from an injury as tissues will be compromised and it may increase the chance of further injury.

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Large Massage Ball (High Density EVA Material) (12.5cm Diameter)
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