Resistance Band - Hip Circle - Fabric


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Available as a single band or a full set of 3 (Free accessory bag included in full set).

Our resistance bands are heavy duty so we recommend:-
Pink Band for light to moderate gym users looking to get used to using a band during workouts.
Grey Band for moderate gym users looking to really add resistance to their lower body workouts.
Black Band for those looking for a very demanding resistance to maximise workout effort.

Peak Supps hip circle bands can increase the difficulty of exercises such as:-
- Hip Thrusts
- Squats
- Lunges
- Curtsy Lunges
- Crab walks
- Lying Clams
- Deadlifts
- Forward and Backward Walks
- Leg Press

Our fabric resistance bands really focus on the glute, thigh and hip muscles to concentrate on toning the legs and core.

Our bands are made of soft, 100% breathable fabric material with an elastic lining for grip to ensure the bands don't move during training.

Our band dimensions are 3" in width and the lengths are as follows:-
Pink - Light to moderate resistance band - 17"
Grey - Moderate resistance band - 15"
Black - Heavy resistance band - 13"

Polyester, Latex (Two thin latex lines on the inner side of band for grip).

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