Resistance Band - Hip Circle - Fabric


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Peak Supps rubber lined hip circle resistance bands are the perfect accessory to warm up the glutes and legs before training. 
Peak Supps hip circle bands can increase the difficulty of exercises such as;
- Hip Thrusts
- Squats
- Lunges
- Curtsy Lunges 
- Crab walks
- Lying Clams
- Deadlifts
- Forward and Backward Walks 
- Leg Press
Our fabric resistance bands really focus on the glute, thigh and hip muscles to concentrate on toning the legs and core. 
Our bands are made of soft, 100% breathable fabric material with an elastic lining for grip to ensure the bands don't move during training.
Our band dimensions are 3" in width and the lengths are as follows:
Light - 17"
Moderate - 15"
Heavy - 13"
*Accessory bag is only included when you purchase a full set.

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