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A bundle designed to support your detox and health goals, consisting of 5 products; 

Activated Charcoal 300mg - 90 Capsules
Charcoal is ideal for those who suffer from trapped wind, gas or bloating. The product is 100% Coconut Charcoal, sourced from Coconut shells.

Activated Charcoal has tiny pores to bind and remove unwanted materials. It also has a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged toxins and gas, that can then be carried out of the body.

Milk Thistle 2300mg - 90 Capsules
Milk thistle is widely known for its detoxification properties. It was introduced in the 16th century as a popular herbal extract health supplement.

Peak Supps Milk Thistle provides a high concentration of 80% Silymarin, derived from the seeds of Milk Thistle. Silymarin has gained popularity due to health benefits which are generally liver-health related. The main ingredients in Silymarin are: silybin A and B, isosilybin A and B.

A-Z Multivitamins - 90 Tablets
A great quality multivitamin is essential if you're leading a busy lifestyle. Peak Supps A-Z Multivitamins include 24 vitamins & minerals to aid general well being, hormonal function and supplement any nutritional shortfalls. 

Garlic 1000mg - 90 Softgels
Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a common household ingredient that has multiple uses and benefits. It has been a popular natural choice for centuries to aid healing and a range of complaints. Peak Supps Garlic softgels are odourless.

The active ingredient in Garlic responsible for health benefits is called Allicin. Our Garlic Softgels provide 3% allicin and the equivalent to 1000mg fresh Garlic.

Green Tea 1000mg - 60 Tablets
Green tea extract powder is extracted from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush and is a key source of polyphenols. It is processed through a unique extraction, to preserve the ingredients and minimise oxidisation.

Please see the individual product pages for nutritional information:

Activated Charcoal Capsules 300mg

Milk Thistle 2300mg Capsules

A-Z Multivitamins

Garlic 1000mg Softgels

Green Tea 1000mg Tablets

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