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Detox Bundle

• Popular additions to a detox

• 5 products in one purchase

• Cheaper than buying separately


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What is the Detox Bundle?

A bundle designed to support your detox and health goals, consisting of 5 products; 

The Detox Bundle includes

Activated Charcoal 300mg - 90 Capsules
Charcoal is ideal for those who suffer from trapped wind, gas or bloating. The product is 100% Coconut Charcoal, sourced from Coconut shells. Activated Charcoal has tiny pores to bind and remove unwanted materials. It also has a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged toxins and gas, that can then be carried out of the body.

Organic Spirulina & Chlorella - 90 Tablets
Peak Supps Organic Chlorella & Spirulina tablets is a blue/green nutrient dense tablet. It provides 250mg of Spirulina and 250mg of Chlorella per tablet.
Spirulina grows in natural alkaline lakes, in a tropical environment and is often considered a superfood due to it being a rich source of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and protein. Chlorella is also rich in nutrients and is abundantly found in tropical and subtropical waters. It cannot be digested as it has a hard cell wall meaning it is commonly taken through supplementation.  Organic Chlorella & Spirulina Tablets are full of vitamins and minerals. Such as Iron, Vitamin A, Magnesium & Calcium.

A-Z Multivitamins - 90 Tablets
A great quality multivitamin is essential if you're leading a busy lifestyle. Peak Supps A-Z Multivitamins include 24 vitamins & minerals to aid general well being, hormonal function and supplement any nutritional shortfalls. 

Garlic 1000mg - 90 Softgels
Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a common household ingredient that has multiple uses and benefits. It has been a popular natural choice for centuries to aid healing and a range of complaints. Peak Supps Garlic softgels are odourless. The active ingredient in Garlic responsible for health benefits is called Allicin. Our Garlic Softgels provide 3% allicin and the equivalent to 1000mg fresh Garlic.

Green Tea 3000mg 95% Polyphenols - 90 Tablets
Green tea extract powder is extracted from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush and is a key source of polyphenols. It is processed through a unique extraction, to preserve the ingredients and minimise oxidisation.

Benefits of our Detox Bundle

  • Popular additions to a detox
  • 5 products in one purchase
  • Cheaper than buying separately 

Please see the individual product pages for nutritional information:

Activated Charcoal Capsules 300mg

Organic Spirulina & Chlorella Tablets

A-Z Multivitamins

Garlic 1000mg Softgels

Green Tea 3000mg 95% Polyphenols Tablets

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Detox Bundle
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