Glutamine Powder

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Glutamine is an abundant amino acid within body tissues. After exercise, glutamine levels are lowered due to catabolism in muscle tissues. Therefore, it’s important to replenish glutamine stores, which is easily done through supplementation.

Peak Supps glutamine powder is 100% pure. Glutamine is a popular amino acid suitable for a wide range of individuals. It can be taken throughout the day or post workout.

Peak Supps Glutamine powder is 100% pure and is a versatile supplement due to its neutral taste and odourless scent. It can be combined with a range of supplements to meet your requirements.

Glutamine is beneficial for all aspects of exercise such as weight training, bodybuilding, swimming, running or cycling.

Serving size: 5g

We recommend 15g daily, split into three servings;

5g in the morning
5g in the afternoon
5g in the evening or before bed

Add 5g to your preferred amount of juice or water. Shake and consume.

100% L-glutamine (glutamine powder).

100% Glutamine, with nothing added or taken away.

None. Made in a facility that handles Milk, Soy, Egg, Gluten & products thereof.

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