Organic Pine Needles - Loose Leaf Tea

• Provides a range of Antioxidants, Vitamin A & Vitamin C. 

• Organic Pine Needles sourced from Czech Republic. 

• Provides a typical pine, fresh, slightly citrusy taste.


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What is Organic Pine Needles Tea?

Pine needles (Pinus Sylvestris) are fresh, fragrant leaves that many of us associate with the holidays and winter season. However, pine needles can be beneficial year-round to encourage and support many different health functions in the body.

Broadly speaking, pine needle tea is made by brewing the needles of any trees in the Pinus genus. There are over 100 species of pine trees within this genus, so the looks and composition of pine needles can vary greatly.

Pine Needles are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C making them a popular herbal tea. Especially during the cold, winter season.

Peak Supps Organic Pine Needles are sourced from the leaf of the plant - Pinus Sylvestris.

Appearance - The Pine Needles are dark and light green linear shaped needles.

Texture – Brittle

Flavour – Typical of Pine. Fresh with a slightly citrusy taste.

*To maintain the product in the best condition it is advisable to protect it from exposure to pests and extremes of moisture, light, and temperature and resealed after use.

Benefits of Pine Needles Tea:

  • Organic Pine Needles sourced from the Czech Republic.
  • Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A & Vitamin C.
  • Provides a typical pine, fresh, slightly citrusy taste.
  • The product is Caffeine free.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Who is Organic Pine Needles Tea suitable for?

Peak Supps Organic Pine Needle tea is suitable for those looking for a high-quality tea to add to their diet. They are suitable for the general public and athletes.

If you’re currently taking medication, we would recommend checking with a doctor or medical professional before adding this to your diet.

Recommended Intake

We recommend adding 3g of tea to an infuser. Add 200-300ml of boiled water. Place the infuser into a mug or teapot and pour the boiling water over it. Steep for 5 minutes, making sure to time your tea. Once steeping has finished, remove the infuser and serve.

*Can be enjoyed on its own, or other ingredients such as honey and lemon can be added.

*Product is loose leaf and do not come in teabags.

Product Information

Each 3g serving provides:

3g Organic Pine Needles

*Product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
*Product is Non-GM.
*Country of origin – Czech Republic

*Drying method – Warm air


Organic Pine Needles (Pinus Sylvestris leaves).

*Certified Organic by the Soil Association under the code GB-ORG-05.



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