Are you a biker or a long-intensity trainer? do you ever wish there was a bundle of products specially curated for those who do long-intensity/endurance sports?

Introducing... The Ride Companion - Companionship Bundle! We've worked with Olly & Davi from The Ride Companion podcast (two incredibly talented and crazy mountain bikers) to bring an all-in-one bundle covering your pre, intra and post-ride/training needs.

Click to watch Olly & Davi speak about the bundle here - 1:10:54

Here's a little breakdown of our bundle... 


Our go-to Pre-workout... 

Activate Pre-Workout 500g (25 Servings) 

Available in 3 delicious flavours, with or without caffeine.

  1. Blueberry 🫐
  2. Watermelon 🍉
  3. Blue Raspberry 🍇

The perfect pre-ride drink! 


The 2 supplements everyone needs on those long rides...

Tri-Carb - 1kg (20 Servings) - Fruit Punch 

Tri-Carb Powder is a mix of Maltodextrin, Dextrose & Fructose (3 different sugars) which break down at different times, to prolong the effects. These can be beneficial before, during, or after training to replenish glycogen stores and aid recovery. 

A 50g serving provides 45.6g of carbohydrates which is an optimal amount for endurance athletes (long-distance cycling/running). A great Intra-Ride Drink!

Electrolyte & Multi-Vitamin Effervescent Tablets - Lime Mint (Mojito) - 1 Tube (20 tablets)

Peak Supps Electrolytes tablets are a blend of 14 carefully selected vitamins and minerals that offer a variety of benefits with a refreshing taste. Great for rehydration and replacing electrolytes lost through sweat. It also provides vitamins & minerals to support the immune system. Another great Intra-Ride Drink or everyday vitamin drink!


Our most popular protein for your post-ride needs...

Whey Protein Grass-fed protein - 1kg (33 Servings)

Available in 8 amazing flavours - Banana, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Chocolate - Stevia, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Unflavoured. 

Our whey protein concentrate is regarded as one of the highest-quality protein powders on the market. Our grass-fed whey protein is premium quality with no added fillers. Grass-fed and Rich source of protein. Ideal for recovery after exercise. It is a great option to take post-training and throughout the day whenever you need a protein boost. It also has great taste and awesome mixability with water and milk.



600ml Protein Shaker - BPA free - A shaker to mix your drinks. 

Ideal for mixing various products such as Activate Preworkout, Tri-Carb & Whey Protein

The Ride Companion Sticker Sheet

A unique sticker sheet with 10 stickers.
The only way you can get your hands on this exclusive sticker sheet is with the Companionship bundle!

Here's a breakdown of the price...

Individually bought, products included in the bundle would come to a total of £71.45. Our Companionship Bundle is set at £59.98 😱

To make things even better for you guys, you can grab another 10% off the bundle with the code 'theridecompanion'. This brings the total down to £53. 99!  

Shop The Ride Companion - Companionship Bundle Here -



Simply add your flavours & preference of choice, add the bundle to your cart, use 'theridecompanion' at checkout, and ENJOY your very own riding bundle. Get ready to level up your ride game! 

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