Finger Strengthener Bands
Peak Supps Finger Strengthener Bands Our finger strengthener bands are a made of premium quality silicone and wrap around each individual finger to ensure the band never slips off the hand when exercising.These bands can be purchased individually or as a...
from £3.49
Skipping Rope 9ft / 2.74m - Adjustable Length
Skipping Rope Professional pvc skipping rope with plastic handles, 2.74 metres (9 ft) in length excluding handles, can be easily adjusted. 3m (9.8 ft) in length including handles. Popular cardio exercise – A great workout accessory to improve stamina and...
Hand Grip Strengthener Balls - Hand, Wrist and Finger
Peak Supps Squeeze Balls The Peak Supps Squeeze balls are ergonomic design allows all the balls to be used in a variety of ways, the advantage on an egg shaped ball is that it enables a variety of grips and...
from £3.45
Barbell protection pad with fasteners - Squats, Hip Thrusts
Peak Supps Barbell Protection Pad Uses the highest quality high-density PVC Foam available to support you when using barbell equipment. The barbell pad fits perfectly around the Olympic barbells grip section of the bar (centre section). Benefits of using a Barbell...
  • Black
  • Pink
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Weight Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair)
Peak Supps Premium Grip Straps are:- Made from 100% heavy duty thick cotton with additional rubber grip on the strap for extra friction 4mm Neoprene padding for extra comfort so that the cotton material does not dig into your skin...
from £4.49
Kettlebells - Cast Iron
Peak Supps cast iron kettlebell is painted with a matt black finish for durability. Useful for a wide variety of strength and cardio-based training programmes and can be used for isolated body parts of full-body workouts. High-Quality Cast Iron Kettlebell...
from £34.99
Exercise Balance Trainer - Half ball with Resistance band handles
Key Benefits Exercise balance ball, perfect to use at home or the gym.  Can be used for multiple exercises that help target strength, balance, stability, coordination, endurance, mobility & flexibility. Our Exercise balance ball mimics a wobble board, targeting balance...
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