Massage Ball Duo Pack (Lacrosse and Peanut Shape)

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What is the Massage Ball Duo Pack?

Peak Supps Massage Ball Duo Pack comes with our Lacrosse Massage Ball which allows you to reach the deep areas of tight tissue with the use of applied pressure or your own body weight.

It also comes with our Peanut Massage Ball which is especially effective for mid back, IT band (outer thigh), glutes, hips and hamstrings.

Both of these are effective at treating neck, shoulder, back, chest, forearm, buttock, hamstring/ calve, ankle and plantar fascia stiffness.

Key features of the Massage Ball Duo Pack:

  • Peak Supps peanut massage ball is for effective muscle fascia trigger point release (Trigger point referring to an area that is causing stiffness/discomfort).
  • The massage ball combined with your own body weight or downward pressure targets painful / tight areas to release sticky muscle fascia / joint tissue that is not interacting with surrounding tissues effectively.
  • The silicone ball has a soft outer coating but is relatively firm, allowing you to get adequate focused pressure into the hard to reach areas of the body.
  • The massage ball is very durable and makes a handy addition to any kit bag / training programme.
  • Can be used during recovery sessions, or before (lightly) / after exercise.

Specification - Lime Green Massage Ball

Colour: Lime Green (With Peak Supps logo engraved)
Product Dimensions: 6cm Diameter
Material: 100% Silicone
Ball weight : 150g

Specification - Black Peanut Shaped Massage Ball

Colour: Black (With Peak Supps logo engraved)
Product Dimensions: 12.5cm Length x 6cm Width x 6cm Height
Material: 100% Silicone
Peanut ball weight : 316g

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Directions for use

The massage ball can used:

  • In hand with direct pressure applied to the area requiring treatment.
  • On the floor (Between floor surface and your body), your own body weight is used to apply the pressure.
  • Against a wall ((Between floor surface and your body), your own body weight is used to apply the pressure.
  • By someone else applying pressure through the ball onto the treatment / target area for you.

Try and work the muscle group / joint slowly through the full range of motion with the massage ball having adequately applied pressure on the target / treatment area, holding the position at any tight spot for 15-30 seconds during the 60-120 second treatment interval.

Caution: Please beware that adding too much pressure or weight onto the ball whilst treating an area could cause great discomfort or injury so we advise that you initially start with light pressure until you’re feeling adequate pressure (It should feel uncomfortable but not painful or have a burning sensation).

Not to be used on an area that is currently recovering from an injury as tissues will be compromised and it may increase the chance of further injury.

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Massage Ball Duo Pack (Lacrosse and Peanut Shape)
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