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Sodium Bicarbonate acts as a buffering agent against acidity in the body. Research suggests that it is beneficial to physical performance in novice and elite athletes. It also offers many health benefits. Sodium Bicarbonate is commonly referred to as Bicarbonate of Soda, Bicarb or Baking Soda.

Sodium Bicarbonate has been heavily researched over the last 30 years with many studies concluding it is beneficial to physical performance. Studies have found it has increased anaerobic running capacity, aerobic exercise and power output.

Sodium Bicarbonates ability to buffer in the body helps it block the conversion of lactate into lactic acid (similar buffering effects to Beta Alanine). This prolongs time to exhaustion and promotes a higher work output, as lactic acid build up is reduced and 'the burn' feeling which can cause the body to slow down is delayed. Performance benefits have been more noticable in sports that involve repeated bouts of high intensity exercise.

Other uses of Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking soda include Teeth whitening, removing splinters, maintaining pH balance, help fights colds and the flu.

Do not use if you suffer from impaired kidney function or on a salt sensitive diet.

We recommend taking 2-3g daily. We recommend splitting this into 3 x 1g servings throughout the day to avoid stomach upset.

Studies have shown enhanced performance from supplementing with 200-300mg per kg of body weight but this is more likely to cause stomach upset / intestinal side effects.

Do not use if you suffer from impaired kidney function or on a salt sensitive diet.
1g of Sodium bicarbonate provides approximately 273mg of Sodium.

100% Sodium Bicarbonate (Approx 27% Sodium).

This product is 100% Sodium Bicarbonate with nothing added or taken away.

None. Made in a facility that handles Milk, Soy, Egg, Gluten & products thereof.

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