Tips To Maximise Productivity This Month


We like to think of the new month as a good time to reset, refresh and focus on the new opportunity to get those held-off tasks done. Here are our top 5 tips on how to maximise productivity this month.

1. Limit distractions

When you're trying to become more productive, it's a good idea to limit any distractions which may come in between your goals, i.e phones or laptops. A tip is to put your phone on 'do not disturb' mode when you're busy doing tasks, or setting time limits on apps that enable you to fall victim to the never-ending scroll.

2. Writing down your goals

Another simple but affective task is to write down your goal lists for the week or day ahead. Putting pen on paper and having your goals clear is a good way to give you extra motivation to get your tasks completed, plus you'll get a feeling of satisfaction when you tick them off!

3.  Morning Routine 

When we say morning routine, we don't mean waking up at 5 am to complete 10 tasks before starting your day. A morning routine means waking up early enough to give yourself some time to naturally wake up and enjoy your morning, rather than rushing about to get out the door. 

A morning routine can allow you to be mindful, eat a nourishing breakfast, and just be present with yourself before you start your busy day. 

4. Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is important for being productive. Trying to do everything at once can result in burnout, which may stop you from being in a productive routine. Be realistic and limit yourself to one to two tasks per day to complete. 

5. Plan the night before

Planning ahead of your day is a great way to maximise productivity. Planning takes the stress away from time-consuming tasks such as: rushing to the shop to get food every day for lunch or running around in the morning trying to figure out what to wear.

Another great tip for productivity is having a pillbox/organizer to organise your supplements.



6. Create an 'action' list  

Sometimes, our big goals and tasks can be overwhelming, with the steps to get there seeming unclear. A good way to help you complete or get to your big goals is to create an action list. An action list breaks down the steps of getting to your goal, making it easier and clear to follow to get to your end result. 

7. Find motivating/inspiring books

Delve into some inspiring books and podcasts. Reading and listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new tips, tricks, and ideas on productivity. Some of our favourites are:

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Getting Things Done - David Allen

 8. Time Blocks 

Set time blocks for any tasks/projects you have to do throughout the day. Time blocks are an easy way to be more organised with your time, ensuring you don't spend too long on one task, and keeping you on track with your time throughout the day.

9. Building Small Habits 

The next tip is about building small habits. Creating small habits that are achievable is a great way to maximise your productivity.

The theory of starting off with small habits is that they will eventually turn into big habits. An example could be: wanting to wake up an hour earlier. Instead of diving straight in and trying to push yourself to get up an hour earlier every day, slowly ease in by waking up slightly earlier, until you reach your goal time!

10. Set Reminders 

Another useful productivity hack is setting reminders. Setting reminders on your phone is a useful way to make sure you complete any important tasks that need to be done throughout your day.

We hope these tips can be useful to anyone who is looking for some tips or ideas on maximising productivity. Feel free to share this with anyone who may find it useful!

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