Our Top Tips For A Fulfilling Morning Routine


We've all heard before that a morning routine is a key habit to success... but what makes a great morning routine? Here are our top tips to help you create your ideal morning routine! 

Firstly, when we say morning routine, we don't mean waking up at 5 am to complete 10 different tasks before starting your day. A morning routine means waking up early enough to give yourself some time to naturally wake up and enjoy your morning, rather than hitting the snooze and then running out the door. 

1. Waking up early enough

The first one isn't for everyone, but hear us out. Our tip isn't to wake up at 5 am and start to tick off the to-do list. Our tip is to wake up early enough to enjoy your morning! This could mean giving yourself enough time to have a fulfilling breakfast and coffee, while still having time to sit with your thoughts and peacefully ease into the day ahead, rather than up and out the door rushed and stressed. An easy morning can make a huge difference to your day. 

2. Find a morning enjoyment 

Finding something worth getting up for is another great way to have a fulfilling morning routine. A hobby such as reading, yoga, meditation, or a morning stroll is a great way to create a fun incentive to get up and start your day.  

3. Plan your morning the night before

Getting all of the tedious parts of your morning done the night before is another useful tip to make the most out of your morning. We're all guilty of running around trying to decide what to wear, what to have for breakfast, and so on. Deciding these things the night before gives you more time to have an easy, peaceful morning. 

4. Avoid the snooze 

The snooze button is often the ultimate enemy when it comes to waking up in the morning. It's all too easy and convenient to press a button and carry on with your morning snooze, but 5 more minutes becomes 15, leaving less and less time to enjoy the time you have to yourself before you start your day.  

5. Move your body

It's never a good idea to stay in bed once your awake; the longer you stay wrapped up in the warm covers, the harder it becomes to jump out of bed (speaking from experience here). Getting up and moving is the key to starting your morning on the right foot.

6. Nutritious breakfast

I'm sure you've heard it all before, but food is FUEL! Give yourself some time to make a nourishing breakfast, with protein, fibre, and healthy fats.

7. Use your morning wisely  

Choose what you do with your morning wisely... be conscious of what you consume first thing in the AM. Scrolling through social media and watching programs that may increase your cortisol levels may put you in a negative mindset. Fill your morning with activities that create a positive atmosphere ready for the day ahead.

8. Natural sunlight as your alarm clock

Throw away the black-out blinds and embrace natural sunlight! According to cdc.gov, your body’s circadian clock responds to light, as a signal to be awake. Getting that natural sun in the AM could help with making it easier to ease into the morning without wanting to throw your head back on the pillow. 

To conclude... 

We hope these tips can be useful to anyone who is looking for some tips or ideas for their morning routine. 

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