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If you’re into looking good and feeling better, you may of heard all about Activated Charcoal and its uses. From brushing your teeth, to rubbing it all over your face or use as a scrub, this natural ingredient has created a storm in the world of health and beauty!

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a highly porous substance, meaning that it has millions of tiny pores that can remove unwanted toxins and chemicals by trapping and absorbing them. The source then disposes of the unwanted toxins by flushing them out of the body. Activated Charcoal can be found in wood, coconut shells, bamboo or other carbon sources.

When thinking of the word ‘coal’ and its uses, the last thing that springs to mind is a tooth whitening product or body detox, but instead something you use on your outdoor BBQ! But after hearing about the benefits of this natural powder, it’s hard not to indulge yourself straight into the trend. It may look dirty, but Its cleansing and purifying properties can be used for a great deal, which is why it such a must have product.

Whitening your teeth:

When applying the Charcoal to your teeth, it has the same effect as it does when ingested: it absorbs toxins from the mouth and removes stains. It can also help with the health and hygiene of your mouth by preventing bad breath and cavities by killing the bad bacteria present in tooth decay. The toothpaste is formed by adding water, to make it into a paste form.

Treating acne:

Activated Charcoal can help the skin by drawing dirt and bacteria to the surface of the skin, helping achieve a smooth and flawless complexion by ridding of impurities. The Charcoal is often combined with Indian healing clay or another popular face mask ingredient like witch hazel.

Fights toxins:

Activated Charcoal is sometimes used in hospitals to help with food and alcohol poisoning, this is due to its powerful toxin withdrawal properties. It is also considered a home remedy for stomach bugs as it is so good at binding toxins. Capsules are an easy way to consume charcoal and help fight food poisoning and stomach bugs.

Calms digestive discomfort

Stomach pains and bowel problems can be both irritating and off-putting with symptoms which are hard to ignore. Nevertheless, the black powder can be a good therapy for these problems. Studies have shown that Activated Charcoal is a good remedy for bloating, trapped wind and even removes the infectious agents that cause diarrhoea. The Charcoal absorbs the harmful acids and gases that amass in your gut, helping things settle back to normal.

Water filtration

Another common use of Activated Charcoal is for natural water filtration. Many water filtration products that use charcoal work by trapping impurities and toxins from your tap water, to leave clean and fresh water.


Forget the hair of the dog, Activated Charcoal is the new go to home remedy after alcohol consumption! Studies show that taking around four capsules of Activated Charcoal after having a drink, can help prevent having a bad hangover the next day.

So, when looking for an all-round natural, detoxing beauty and well being product there is no better choice than Activating Charcoal.

If you're looking to supplement with activated charcoal check out our range activated charcoal supplements.

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