Can CBD make you high?


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The million-dollar question; “Does CBD oil make you high?”

Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil has become increasingly popular over the last few years, due to its benefits and natural remedies. With this, has come a huge interest to whether it’s safe and legal, and can make you ‘high’. The short answer to this is of course, no!

The science behind CBD oil and the confusion in relation to its legal status


Individuals that use CBD oil claim it is a ‘miracle’ oil for its many positive aspects, however, a huge concern for those sceptical of CBD is the thought of getting high, due to a compound called THC. Fortunately, there is a difference between THC and CBD.

The cannabis plant contains 100+ compounds. CBD is one that has shown several positive aspects such as the ability to improve stress, mood, muscle soreness, sleep, skin and users even suggest it can help our furry friends! Studies regarding Cannabidiol are yet to be finalised, yet scientists and users continue to expose supporting evidence that it’s a natural force to be reckoned with.

The research and information about CBD oil and its positive effects is often overlooked or dismissed, this is due to the evidence regarding THC, a different compound found in the cannabis plant. THC is a psychotropic compound and is linked to feelings of anxiety, elation, relaxation, hallucinations and delusion etc.

THC products are illegal in most countries due to its side effects. Due to the close link between THC and CBD, individuals often ask the question ‘Does CBD oil make you high?”.

Are THC and CBD sourced from the same strain of plant?

HEMP vs. Marijuana

CBD oil can be produced from both marijuana and hemp plants, and there is a difference in the two.

Cannabidiol products are completely legal when sourced from industrial hemp, which is where our CBD is extracted from. CBD sourced from hemp contains insignificant levels of THC, usually less than 0.3% due to hemps robust stalks and small levels of THC. Therefore, CBD does not induce ‘high’ feelings as it’s sourced from industrial hemp.

Marijuana does however contain moderate levels of CBD, which may be a legal compound or not dependant on your place of residency. All reputable companies will pay a third-party lab to test their products for adequate levels of CBD and minimal levels of THC, heavy metals etc. so it is ideal for consumption by all users.

So, in answer to the confusion and discrepancies around CBD oil getting you high, is no it can’t. THC levels are absolutely minimal when sourced from industrial hemp, and CBD alone can not get you high.

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