Organic Acai Berry Powder (Freeze Dried, Raw)
What is Organic Acai Berry Powder? Peak Supps Organic Acai Berry Powder is sourced in Bolivia. Harvested twice a year, these black berries normally grow in swampy areas and flood lands of the Brazilian Amazon region. Acai Berries are commonly...
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Super Reds Powder Berry Flavour
What is Super Reds Powder? Super Reds Powder is a mix of 13 carefully selected fruit and vegetables that are dense with nutrients. Some include Cranberry, Strawberry, Guava & Blueberry. Super Reds Powder also contains Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid). Super...
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Organic Inca Berries - Incan Golden Berry (Mixed Size, Raw)
What are Organic Inca Berries? Harvested from the hills of Peru, Inca berries are hand-selected for the highest quality. They are then cleaned in natural water and dried, this helps preserve their natural nutritional content. A 30g serving provides 11.52g...
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Cranberry Extract 12500mg Capsules
What is Cranberry Extract? Cranberries are a popular fruit that is abundantly grown in North America. These small berries belong to the same family as lingonberries, bilberries & blueberries. Commonly taken as a juice, cranberries are rich in vitamins and...
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Organic Camu Camu Powder (Raw)
What is Camu Camu Powder? Camu Camu, otherwise known as Myrciaria Dubia, is a berry that resembles a cherry in its colour. They are full of antioxidants which help protect cells from free radicals which can lead to oxidative stress....
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Organic Elderberry, Rosehip & Hibiscus - Loose Leaf Tea
What is Elderberry, Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea? Our Elderberries come from the east of Poland, on the fringes of the Bialowieza Forest, an UNESCO world heritage site. The collectors in this region have a long history of gathering herbs, often...
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Vitamin C & Elderberry Gummies - Mixed Berry Flavour
What is Vitamin C & Elderberry Gummies? Our Vitamin C & Elderberry Gummies contain Vitamin B12, Vitamin C & Zinc. They also contain Elderberry Extract (48:1); Elderberries are naturally high in Vitamin C & dietary fibre. They also contain antioxidants...
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Saw Palmetto 3000mg Tablets
What is Saw Palmetto? Saw Palmetto is derived from the fruit of the plant Serenoa Repens. It is a type of palm plant with sharp leaves with berries. Saw Palmetto berries have naturally high levels of essential fatty acids, plant...
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Vegan iBCAA Powder - Blue Raspberry
What is iBCAA? Instant Branched Chain Amino Acids (iBCAA) are an instant form of BCAAs. IBCAA’s dissolve faster than standard BCAA powder as they are far more water soluble. IBCAA’s are undoubtedly a favourite sports nutrition supplement. Our BCAAS are of optimal...
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Cranberry Beans (Borlotti)
What are Cranberry Beans (Borlotti)? Cranberry Beans, also known as Borlotti Beans, are white oval shaped beans with red speckles. These colours fade into a light brown during cooking. They are often used in Italian and Greek cooking and can...
from £8.75
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