Organic 7 Mushroom Blend
What is Organic 7 Mushroom Blend? Peak Supps Organic 7 Mushroom blend is a mix of seven carefully selected mushrooms which include Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps & White Fungus. 100% of the fruit bodies are used in...
from £13.99
Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder
What is Organic Chaga Powder? Chaga Mushrooms, also known as Ionotus Obliquus, are a fungus that produce a wood-like growth called a conk, this is used in the making of some medicines. Chaga Mushrooms are abundantly found in colder climates...
from £8.99
Cordyceps Extract 4:1 Powder
What is Cordyceps Extract Powder? Peak Supps Cordyceps Extract Powder is 90% Cordyceps Sinensis, otherwise known as the Caterpillar Fungus due to its unique shape. It is traditionally used in Chinese medicine and is commonly used in herbal teas, coffee...
from £8.99
Organic Camu Camu Powder (Raw)
What is Camu Camu Powder? Camu Camu, otherwise known as Myrciaria Dubia, is a berry that resembles a cherry in its colour. They are full of antioxidants which help protect cells from free radicals which can lead to oxidative stress....
from £4.99
Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder
What is Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder? Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder is a fine, brown powder sourced from the Ganoderma Lucidum, otherwise known as the Lingzi mushroom. It grows in hot and humid climates all around Asia and has been a...
from £6.49
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