Beetroot & Matcha Ice latte


We're all for hopping on the latest health trends, so when we saw a recipe for a Matcha & Beetroot iced latte, we knew we had to try it. 

This recipe is easy, healthy and tastes DELICIOUS, plus those colours are completely instagrammable 😜 you'll definitely catch us swapping our normal lattes for this recipe all summer. This drink is naturally vibrant, with no additives or artificial colours involved! It looks good and has plenty of health benefits, a win-win! 

Ingredients you need from Peak Supps®
The rest of the ingredients you can find in most supermarkets or online. 






Rest of the ingredients 

  • Coconut Milk


  • Milk Electric Whisk
For the method of making this, we decided to split it into two parts (no need to freak, it's still very straightforward, we promise!). We split it by making the green part of the drink first, then the pink separately. 

Green Part


Add the ingredients into a glass and blend with your milk frother and set aside.

Pink Part


Add the ingredients into a separate glass and blend with your milk frother and set aside.

Now you've got both Beetroot and Matcha made, it's time for the fun part, add some ice cubes and MIX! We added the Matcha into the Beetroot and the colours looked divine 😍.

Once you've got over the colourful frothy masterpiece, it's time to drink up! This drink goes well on a hot summer's day with some ice, or can be made as a hot latte! whatever takes your fancy. Enjoy! 💚💗

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