Double Chocolate Butterscotch Proats


Does anyone else crave a chocolatey snack right aboutttt NOW? 

This double chocolate butterscotch proats is the perfect evening breakfast, snack or dessert - this bowl of chocolate oats really hits the spot at that awkward time in the evening (not that far after dinner but too close to bed time) where you crave something naughty but not too naughty. 

Scroll down for our easy to make double chocolate butterscotch proats recipe.

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Serves: 1

Ingredients from Peak Supps®  (links tagged)





Other Ingredients:

  • Almond milk⁠
  • 90% dark chocolate
  • Plain almond yoghurt
  • Granola 
  • Strawberry 


- 50g @peaksupps instant oats⁠
- 220ml almond milk⁠
- 20g @peaksupps butterscotch protein powder⁠
- 1 tbsp @peaksupps cacao powder⁠


  • In a saucepan add the almond milk⁠, the powders - instant oats, protein powder⁠ and cacao powder⁠
  • Keep stirring until heated and no lumps
  • Pour into a bowl
  • Add toppings and enjoy! 

⁠Recipe by: _thebrunchedit

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