Matcha! What's the fuss about?


You might of seen Phillip Schofield's funny reaction to trying matcha green tea for the first time on This Morning... He wouldn't of had that reaction if he tried our best selling matcha green tea or organic matcha 🤣

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On This Morning, Phillip Schofield's and Rochelle Humes were joined with Liz Earle to discuss 'what exactly is matcha, is it any healthier than regular green tea, and should you be drinking it?' on Liz Earle's health segment.

Liz Earle showed everyone how to make a cup of matcha green tea and discussed some of the many benefits which matcha green tea is packed with. 

Liz mentioned:

"Do you know it really is an amazing thing, it's essentially normal green tea but if you think about it when you normally make tea you brew it up in water and chuck the leaves away, but with matcha they finely grind the leaves so it makes a powder so you're kind of drinking the whole thing and that's partly why it's so good they also grow the leaf in the shade so it has more chlorophyll and more polyphenols. Lots of really interesting ingredients go into matcha."

Phillip Schofield goes on to ask but what does it do to us?

Health expert Liz Earl responds with:

"Well it's got these polyphenols which are antioxidants and it's been shown to actually help reduce anxiety it's quite an interesting drink because it's got a little bit of caffeine, so if your like Rochelle you're not drinking tea or coffee but want a tiny bit of a hit, a bit of a boost it'll give you that but it won't give you the jitters so it's not much caffeine in it, but it also contains a really interesting amino acid called l-theanine and that's been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress so if you are feeling just a bit over anxious then its a really good thing to kind of drink daily, perhaps switch your normal tea and coffee for matcha tea."

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We promise you won't have Phillip Schofield's reaction 🤣

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If you missed it here's Phillip Schofield's hilarious reaction to trying matcha green tea:


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