Oreo Protein Waffles


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Get your waffle maker at the ready we're making protein Oreo waffles! This recipe is tasty, chocolatey, has simple ingredients and is easy to follow.

Our protein Oreo waffles are great as a breakfast, evening meal, or dessert. With its simple ingredients which you can find in most households and simple instructions this recipes is perfect for beginners.

Our Oreo protein waffles are high in protein making them a great post-workout treat and using our cacao powder and organic cacao nibs both giving you an organic source of iron perfect for those who don't have much iron in their diet or low on iron. Cacao is also rich in minerals such as Copper, Magnesium & Phosphorus.

Oreo Waffles:

Mix up the batter until smooth (no powder clumps) & a thick consistency! Plop the mixture in the waffle maker for 8-10 mins.


Recipe by: @thehungry.medic

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