3 Shoulder Workouts - How to keep your boulders this summer!


Shoulder Exercises using Resistance Bands

Let's hit those shoulders! Here are 3 workouts in which you can use a variety of equipment for home and gym workouts. You can easily adapt the weight and resistance to what you have at hand. You can also do this with no weights - low impact workouts.

Grab your dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, tins or water bottles & try these killer upper body /shoulder workouts!

Before all workouts make sure you warm-up, loosen your muscles and get the blood flowing. 


- 10 Minutes cardio - skipping, walking, running, star jumps
- 5 Minutes shoulder mobility - stretching your shoulders, circulating them, resistance bands are also a great accessory to increase shoulder mobility. 



Shoulder Workout #1

 Reps 20
Sets 4
Rest 40
Equipment Dumbbells (alternate to your own equipment)



  1. Shoulder flys
  2. Squat Press
  3. Row-to-Pushup Complex
  4. Shoulder External Rotation
  5. Burpee Squat Press


Finish with 50 press-ups (any style press-up and in your own time)

Shoulder Workout #2

Reps 15-20
Sets 4
Rest 60 seconds
Equipment Barbell (alternate with your equipment)

Superset 1 

- Military Press 
- Lateral Raises 

Tri-Set 2 

- Arnie Press 
- Front Raises
- Shrugs

Tri-Set 3 

- Upright Rows
- Bent-Over Rear delt raise 


- Battle Ropes 10 Seconds (throwing a pillow to the floor is a great alternative) 
- Farmer Walk 20 Seconds 


Shoulder Workout #3

 Reps 10-15
Sets 5
Rest 30-60 seconds

Resistance bands


You'll be surprised at how many shoulder exercises you can do with a resistance band/loop bands. Try this workout using our resistance bands.

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