Healthy Habits To Adapt This Summer


Healthy Habits to adapt in Quarantine

Creating a routine in these uncertain times is crucial and important for your mental health. Here's a simple and easy to follow routine which will keep you busy and on track! 

Healthy Breakfast Recipe

#1 Set your alarm and eat a good breakfast!

Even if you have nothing planned, always set your alarm and get up. Do not get yourself into a bad habit of thinking 'I have nothing to get up for'. Set your alarm, get yourself ready for the day and make a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast ideas: 


How to plan your meals

#2 Plan and prep your meals for the day

Once breakfast is sorted, don't stop there in the kitchen. Plan your meals for the week and prep meals 2 days in advance. When you prep and plan meals, you'll have less temptation to cheat, you have more time to think and add more good foods into your week and make better choices. 

Tips on prepping food: Always make extra food for lunch the following day.

Lunch ideas:

 Snack ideas:

At home workout

#3 Workout

Like meal planning, plan your workouts. It doesn't have to be every day but write down what days you want to workout and what type of workout your going to do, whether it's cardio, low impact or a HIIT workout, get it done!

Planning your workouts is beneficial and works in your favour, your workout goes around you, this is especially beneficial for females and planning around your menstrual cycles. 

Home workouts are now the in-thing! Get yourself some workout accessories to make your workouts more challenging and intense. We have a huge range of resistance bands and other workout accessories that can assist all types of training, goals and recovery.

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Outdoor workout

#4 Go outside

Get some fresh air! When your stuck in a sluggish routine, looking at a screen sitting down indoors the majority of the day, you can easily forget how good being outside can make you feel.

Rain or sunshine being outside can benefit you, especially during the summer, go out and get some natural vitamin D! 

Ideas how to get outside more:

  • Walk to visit family or friends
  • Walk to the shops
  • Get a bike and start riding to places 
  • Go for a picnic
  • Grow some plants  

How to drink more water

#5 Set yourself tasks

Setting yourself tasks can really speed up the day. No matter how big or small the task is, write it down and work towards ticking that task/goal off your list. 

Small task ideas

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  • Hoover the stairs
  • Spend a few minutes looking into an important topic which interests you (recycling, healthy foods, the science behind training and supplements)
  • Start that hobby you've always wanted to do! 

How to stop looking at your devices

#6 Go offline 

Turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode. Log off every night at a certain time and put it away (you don't need to know what Susan had for food at 11 pm). 

Sleep supplements

#7 Sleep

Sleep is crucial! A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. In fact, it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Poor sleep has been linked to many health issues. 

Tips on getting a good nights sleep:

  • Reduce your caffeine or stop drinking caffeine after a certain time.
  • Read a book rather than a device. (Avoid looking at bright screens two to three hours before bed)
  • Get into bed earlier. It seems simple, but wind down and get ready for bed earlier, it takes your body and mind time to cool down and relax after a busy day.
  • Research and look into sleep aid supplements 

 How to be more mindful

#8 Meditate 

You don't have to start breaking your back and doing the splits to meditate. But meditating can make you more mindful in different situations. Take a few minutes of your day to look into meditating and concentrate on your breathing techniques. 


Reading activities

#9 Start reading

Like we've said before, take the device away and go old school. Grab yourself a novel, fantasy, thriller, or a book on a topic/hobby you've always wanted to learn about.  

Healthy Alternative to Coffee

#10 Find Healthy Alternatives

Start looking for healthy alternatives for those naughty treats you keep having. These small changes can make a big difference.

Healthy Alternatives: 

  • Swap your coffee for green tea or matcha green tea
  • Swap your chocolate and crisps snacks to a protein shake or a superfood smoothie 
  • Swap white breads, bagels and muffins for wholegrain varieties
  • Swap larger / coloured spirits to white spirits 
  • There's a lot of information and life hacks on the internet for healthy alternatives, start looking for yours.

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