The Low Down On Gym Abbreviations


Gym talk can be confusing, so we're happy to give a helping hand in understanding it all a bit better! In this blog, we'll be discussing all the different gym abbreviations and what they mean. 

1. PB/PR - Personal Best / Record

Let's start with PB (personal best). This one is pretty self-explanatory. Personal best is an individual's best performance for a certain exercise. This could refer to someone lifting the heaviest they've ever lifted, most reps they've managed to get to with a certain weight, or running the quickest time recorded.

2. ROM - Range Of Motion

Range of motion refers to how far you can stretch/move a certain part of your body, such as a joint or muscle. Exercising with a full range of motion will maximize your ability to perform an exercise at its best.

3. AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible

AMRAP stands for 'as many reps as possible or 'as many rounds as possible' in a certain amount of time. AMRAP is a high-intensity form of training, pushing your muscles to the limit. It's great for improving cardio, endurance, and strength, depending on the structure of the workout.

4. EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute

'EMOM' refers to doing a certain exercise with as many reps as possible for up to a minute, then resting for the following minute until the next set. Sounds fun right? 😅 EMOM is great for individuals looking to build stamina and fitness ability.

5.DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness relates to the sore, aching feeling that develops in your muscles a day or two after exercising; we've all been there 🤕. DOMS usually lasts for around 24/48 hours. While there's not much you can do about DOMS, stretching your muscles and using massage equipment may ease the impact. 


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 6. SS - Superset

 A superset refers to doing two exercises back to back with minimal to no rest in between. Supersets essentially double the amount of work you're doing; they are great for building muscle and increasing endurance.

7. RDL - Romanian Dead Lift

Romanian Dead Lifts refers to an exercise with a barbell or dumbbells. The exercise is a compound movement (targets more than one muscle at the same time). The primary muscles used for RDLs are your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

8. KB - Kettlebell

Kettlebells are a piece of weighted gym equipment that are a great addition to workouts, suited best for individuals looking to increase their overall strength.


9. BB - Barbell

A barbell is a long metal pole that people use for weightlifting. The barbell is great for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, or bench press. Although effective, the barbell can sit uncomfortably for some people. Accessories such as a barbell pad can be beneficial in adding comfort for both beginners and more experienced weight lifters. 




10. Pull Day 

Pull day typically consists of upper body exercises that utilize a pulling motion, such as your bicep and back muscles

11. Push Day

Push day means the same thing but for your muscles that utilize a pushing motion, such as your chest, shoulders, and triceps


So there you have it! this is our low down on some of the popular gym slang. Share this blog with your friends or anyone it could be helpful to.

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