5 high-protein smoothie ideas for this heat!


Fancy a refreshing, high-protein smoothie to cool you down in this weather? 🔥☀️⁠ look no further than these 5 high-protein smoothies. They hit the spot with taste and are packed with goodness and most importantly... high in protein (gains)

You need to try one of these smoothies this summer! Which one will it be? Let us know in the comments.


If your looking for a protein flavour you can add to any smoothie or shake, it's our bestselling vanilla whey protein you're looking for! It's sweet but you'll never get sick of it! Its great in all drinks, and best served with ice (shaken not stirred) Try 1kg for ONLY £27.99



To add all the greens imaginable, try our supergreens powder! It's potent and powerful, it has a naturally earthy taste but hidden easily in a sweet smoothie if you don't like that type of flavour. Supergreens is the ultimate spoonful of 'feel good' everyone needs to add to their smoothies or drink.


You're either a smooth or bits lover! If you like a bit of texture in your smoothie chia seeds are a great addition to smoothies. They also have a great nutritional value and high in omegas. 



Strawberry is a classic, a flavour we all seem to come back to, our whey strawberry protein is our -go-to protein for flavour and nutrition! Try 500g for only £15.99


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