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Challenging Pull Day Workout


If you're looking for motivation to complete a killer gym workout, keep reading! 

@fitwithmi_ has shared this challenging and affective pull-day workout to try in the gym... 

Workout breakdown

 Pull Ups Until Failure   3 Sets 
Bent over Barbell Rows 

12 times x 4 Sets 

Lat Pulldown 12 times x 4 Sets
Rope Pulldown 12 times x  4 Sets 
Cable Bicep Curls 12 times x 4 Sets


We recommend a warm-up & warm-down stretch before and after working out to give those muscles some TLC. Here are our recommended accessories that help with stretching & muscle recovery. 

(click on the image to browse our band range)

(click on the image to browse our massage ball range)

We hope this blog has given you some inspo to hit the gym and complete this fire workout! 🔥

Workout by: @fitwithmi

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