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Skeptical and don't know where to start with fat burners? There are many options and opinions about fat burners, so we've broken it all down and got rid of all the long science-y terms. So you can decide what fat burners are best for you. 



So firstly, fat burners are an extremely popular supplement used by many because they aid fat-loss. But what you need to remember is the key word.. aid. Fat burners are great and have potent ingredients which are designed to help shift excess weight. However.. you can't be a couch potato, take fat burners and expect to see a considerable difference. You have to participate in some form of exercise and eat a balanced diet (ditch the low fat and high sugar foods) for them to have optimal results. When fat burners are taken alongside a nutritional diet and exercise, they can seriously boost your energy levels, body composition, metabolism, daily activity and goals.


Fat burners come in many forms, from tablets, liquids to bars. The question is, what form is right for you? It's simply down to preference. If you have difficulty consuming tablets, it may be beneficial to go with a powder. However powders can be time consuming, so if your constantly on the move tablets/capsules are the best choice of fat burner for you. 

Tablets are the most convenient type of fat burners on the market. All of our tablets come in resealable bags, convenient for on the move.

At Peak Supps we have a range of fat burners available in tablets, soft gels, and capsules. 

Tablets can digest rapidly from the time of ingestion. 
Some of our most popular fat burning tablets are below;
Soft gels are mostly used for fat burners which are oil/liquid based. Below is our most popular fat loss soft gel: 
Hard capsules are generally used in fat burners with a combination of powder ingredients. Below are our most popular capsule fat loss range: Please click on the links if you'd like more information on which fat burners are best suited to you.
CLA soft gels
Find out more about CLAs
Eliminate capsules
Find out more about Eliminate fat burners
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate tablets 

Find out more about L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
Powdered supplements are usually absorbed faster by the digestive system. Most often you just add water, drink it, and your body begins absorbing it right away. This leads to quicker benefits and is very effective with fat burners taken pre or during exercise. If your looking for a fat loss powder with rapid results our Upgraded Green Tea ExtractActivate v2L-Carnitine L-Tartrate or Acetyl L-Carnitine powder are the most popular choices.
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate powder 

Find out more
Upgraded Green Tea Extract Powder

Find out more
Activate Preworkout v2 Powder

Find out more

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