Go-To Upper Body Hex Dumbbell Workout

Why is this our go-to upper body workout? Because its a diverse upper body workout! The movements are primary upper-body exercises which can support many type of goals!

Start with a quick stretch of the muscles you'll be using during your workout or if you've got the time get in a full body stretch. It's easy to forget about stretching and warming up, but warming up your muscles and joints and increasing your mobility will only better your performance.


Now onto the workout, this upper body workout is our go to workout for that feel good, upper body pump! (you just can't beat it, if you know, you know)
You can do this workout in the gym or at home. You don't need a 5* home gym to do this workout in the house, you just need some space, a seat and a set of hex dumbbells. At Peak Supps® we have a range of affordable weights in stock and a number of hex dumbbells at very competitive prices. Check them out! 

As we've previously said this workout is our go-to because of its diversity, and focus on primary upper body exercises specific to shoulders, arms and chest. You can get creative with this workout and make it suitable for many type of fitness goals.
For example repeating the same movements with heavy weights for muscle isolation, or adding cardio / increasing the speed as a circuit for a cardio / high intensity workout.

Check out the type of goals and type of workouts you can do with our go-to upper body workout:

Type of Workout Goal  Reps Sets Rest Weight Speed
Isolation Workout Strength 4-12 2-4 1 - 4 mins Heavy Slow
HIIT Workout Endurance  15-35 4-6 As little as possible Light/medium Fast
Explosive Workout
Power 8-14 2-4 15 secs - 2 mins Medium Fast

Chose weights you feel comfortable at / with a low risk of injury. Depending on your goal make sure your increasing the weight, intensity or speed week after week.

If you try this workout or you use our hex dumbbells, let us know in the comments or by tagging us in a photo or use the #peaksupps on Instagram. We love to see your feedback and using our products. Cheers!

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