The Superfood Everyone's Talking About: Moringa!


Have you heard about the moringa hype?ūüĆŅ

Moringa is disappearing off our shelves like never before; read to find out why!

What is Moringa?

Moringa is an Indian native plant that is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which may make it useful for fighting nutrition deficiencies.

Moringa is a highly valued food source in many parts of the world. It can be easily grown and retains much of its nutritional value when dried. It can act as an antioxidant, which helps protect cells from damage. Moringa may also help decrease inflammation and reduce pain. (1)

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Benefits of Moringa

Inner health benefits...

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

The moringa leaves are rich in vitamins A, K, E, and Folate. 
Moringa also contains antioxidants, Vitamin E which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, and Vitamin K which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. (2)

Rich in Amino Acids

Moringa leaves are rich in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. There are 18 types of amino acids found in them and each of them can make an important contribution to our well-being.

Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's natural response to pain and injury.

Although a natural protective process in the body, inflammation over a long period of time may become a major health issue. 

Due to the presence of isothiocyanates, Moringa leaves may be classified as anti-inflammatory. (3)

Moringa can lower cholesterol

Having high cholesterol has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Both human-based and animal studies have shown that Moringa may have similar cholesterol-lowering effects. (4)

Good for the Stomach

Those who suffer from constipation, bloating, gas, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis may want to try Moringa in their diet.

Moringa may contain antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, which may make an ideal remedy against digestive disorders. The high amount of B vitamins may also help improve digestion (5)

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Outer beauty and health benefits

Does moringa oil help hair grow?

Although moringa oil may nourish your scalp and strengthen hair, it’s not proven to reduce hair loss or help thin hair regrow.

The vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in moringa oil can be beneficial for overall hair health and may help improve the condition of your scalp and hair follicles.

This means Moringa may create a better environment for healthy hair growth and indirectly support the growth of stronger and healthier hair. (6)

Can moringa boost your skin's health?

Moringa is a source of Niacin (Vitamin B3), which can be key for the skin’s healthy barrier protection, keeping moisture in and irritants out. It has been known to be helpful; it is popular in the treatment of sensitive skin and rosacea, as well as to help minimise dark spots. (7)

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Who can take moringa?

Peak Supps Organic Moringa Capsules are suitable for those looking for a high-quality Organic Moringa supplement. They are suitable for the general public and athletes.

If you’re currently taking medication, we would recommend checking with a doctor or medical professional before taking this supplement.

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We hope you enjoyed reading all about Moringa!

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