Founded in 2014, Peak Supps is a sports supplement and nutrition company based in South Wales, UK.
Innovative, affordable and quality assured are three factors we consider to be crucial.  We perform high-standard advice and customer support, a fast service, alongside supplying high-quality supplements at a great price for our customers.



 Our aim is simple – Provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients at the most competitive prices.

All of our products have a 100% ingredient transparency.

In other words, you know exactly what we use in our products! (no mystery proprietary blends).



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The Peak Supps team has an extensive understanding of the Sports Nutrition Sector.

The experience and knowledge our team offers are second to none.
Members of the team hold highly accredited Sports Science Degrees, whilst others have some incredible achievements within their chosen sports.

Our Research & Development team is consistently working hard to bring new exciting products and blends on to the market.

With our ever-growing product range we can assist with all your goals from;
muscle growth, strength, power, athletic performance, fat-loss, diet, health and well-being, immunity and personal fitness.



We care about OUR environment!

Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint and emissions as much as possible together as a company.

 We make every effort to use recyclable materials, as well as minimise waste across our business. 



Our team has worked tirelessly to source a high-quality bag that provides great protection to our supplements.

Our bag is triple-layered to provide the necessary barriers to ensure freshness and protect our products from oxidisation.


We have recently updated our bags, to use 45% less plastic.

Due to the long shelf life of your products, we are unable to use biodegradable packaging (this would affect the product quality).

Our team will continue to research and work closely with our bag manufacturers to further reduce plastic and achieve biodegradable packaging. 


Our padded mail bag packaging is also now 100% recyclable and we also plan to replace our plastic case tape, with a paper version.


Check out this infographic - it shows you the best way to recycle our padded mail bags (100% recyclable Jiffy bags)



We’ve recently expanded our plant-based product range.

Our product development team has been focusing on plant-based and zero animal substances products.

We now have a large range of plant-based supplements that contain zero animal substances – improving general animal welfare and helping to reduce toxic emissions, such as our Aliflower Omega 3 6 9 Softgels, Coconut Softgels, CBD Oil, Green Tea Powder, Milk Thistle Capsules, Pea Protein, Aloe Vera Tablets.

We continue to research and develop new and innovative alternatives to animal-based supplements due to customer demand.



We educate all staff about the importance of recycling in and outside of work.

We advise our staff to reduce their carbon footprint daily through simple measures such as encouraging them to car share, cycle, or walk to work.

We encourage all staff to read documents on-screen rather than printing when possible. 


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