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BP-ER™ Emergency Food Ration Biscuits 500g (1 pack containing 9 Bars)

• Requires no preparation - can be eaten directly from the box.

• Each BP-ER Pack (500g / 9 Bars) provides 2375kcal (9930kJ) .

• 7 year shelf life from the date of manufacture.


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What are BP-ER Emergency food ration biscuits?

*Current stock has the following Best Before Date 04/10/2029.*

BP-ER™ is a non-fortified Solid Ready-to-Use Emergency Food which is used in the first phase of disaster relief, emergency and preparedness.

It is suitable for all people 6 months and older. Each unit of BP-ER (500 g net) contains 18 tablets packed in 9 bars with grease-proof-paper. The 9 bars are packed under vacuum in air- and watertight alu-foil bag. A water-repellent cardboard box protects the bag.

The shelf life of the BP-ER emergency food ration biscuits is a maximum of seven years from manufacture when stored below 22 °C.

Their lightweight design, and protective packaging makes them an ideal emergency food source for survival at sea, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities where access to food can be limited.

Each vacuum-packed pack of 500g provides approx 9930 kJ or 2,375 kcal of energy and contains the highest possible ratio of balanced nutrition compared to volume. The pack is subdivided for easy rationing, each pack of biscuits contains 18 tablets packed in 9 bars with grease-proof paper. Each bar ration weighs approx 56g.

GC Rieber is the world’s leading brand for emergency rations, for over 60 years! These emergency rations have been specially developed as emergency food. They have been successfully used all over the world for years. Unbeatable calorie density with very long shelf life.

Brand GC Rieber.
Size 12 x 10 x 5cm.

Benefits of BP-ER Emergency Food Ration Biscuits:

  • Requires no preparation - can be eaten directly from the box.
  • Can be crumbled into boiling drinking water to make porridge suitable for children (6+month of age).
  • Each BP-ER Pack (500g / 9 Bars) provides 2375kcal (9930kJ) .
  • Shelf life: 7 years unconditionally from the date of manufacture (when stored below 22 °C).
  • Waterproof packaging.

Who are BP-ER Emergency Food Ration Biscuits suitable for?

Peak Supps BP-ER Emergency food ration are suitable for those looking for an emergency food rations.

If you’re currently taking medication, we would recommend checking with a doctor or medical professional before adding this to your diet.

Recommended Intake

Recommended intake for this emergency food is general, depending on the situation and requirements.

*To be used in line with your dietary requirements.

*Suitable for vegetarians.
*Product is Non-GM.
*Country of Origin - Norway

Product Information


Per 100g (NRV*)

Energy (Kcal)


Energy (Kj)




of which saturates




of which sugars





0.2g (200mg)

* NRV = Nutrient Reference Value


Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat (Palm), Sugar, Glucose Syrup and Milk Protein.


Wheat Flour, Oat Flakes, Malted Barley, Milk.
May contain traces of soy.

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BP-ER™ Emergency Food Ration Biscuits 500g (1 pack containing 9 Bars)
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