Meet our newest athlete Tess Lhermitte-Russell!


UK fitness influencer PT

Name: Tess L-R

Instagram: @tessylr

Location: Cardiff / Menorca

Profession: Masters Student / Social Media Coordinator for The Safe Foundation

Tess - Peak Athlete













Hello, and welcome to the team! Can you tell us about   yourself and how you found your love for fitness? and what has inspired you towards becoming a fitness social media influencer?

I have always been active from a young age. I went to a small school and if I look back at the sports photos, I was in every single team possible. As I’ve grown up I have always ensured that staying fit and healthy is an essential part of my lifestyle. It has helped me to overcome so many personal barriers. Whenever I am feeling stressed or down or any other negative emotion physical activity is my go-to.

I am also asthmatic and got diagnosed at the age of 10 and I was so concerned about how it would impact my ability to participate in sport. I harnessed this fear and have always utilised fitness to help improve my condition or any symptoms that I suffer with. Starting my fitness page was to motivate and help others during the difficult lockdown period and I am a firm believer in supporting all people from all walks of life.


What's your favourite workout? 

I love sprints and anything which includes short sharp bursts of energy! So anything with jumping - HIIT workouts are my go-to they’re so quick and effective! 

What does your weekly workout schedule look like?

It changes depending on what’s going on in my life but it remains loosely based around the same schedule!

Monday  Legs
Tuesday Cardio (normally sprints) finished with abs
Wednesday  Legs
Thursday Upper body
Friday Run finished with abs
Saturday  Full body finished with a walk for some recovery
Sunday Rest


Right now I don’t have any major goals, but when I do I’ll usually create a training programme for myself! 

Tess - Peak Athlete

What's your secret to getting those abs? Its 100% lighting and that’s the truth!!! I usually try and incorporate abs at the end of most sessions for about 10 mins - I find that really helps! Other than that I eat pretty well but I believe in balance so weekends anything and everything goes food wise...

We all have one... What's your most hated exercise? I have a love hate relationship with hip thrusters! They can be amazing and make me feel so strong but I literally loathe doing them beforehand. I have to psyche myself up so much! 

What Peak Supps workout accessory could you not live without? 

There’s a few so this is hard! When I’m at the gym the barbell pad is my best friend it’s just so comfortable, I don’t bruise and I swear it helps me to lift heavier! However, in lockdown, the long resistance bands were a godsend and something which I'll continue to use! 

Tess - Peak Athlete

What are your current fitness goals?

To tell you the truth I haven’t got any huge fitness goals at the moment because it’s not where my priority is right now! When I am exercising it’s to help me to feel good and to de-stress! The only thing I’d like to focus more on this month is improving my running! I’m not great at it or the biggest fan of it but it really helps my asthma and the buzz I get after it is pretty good too!

Tess -Peak Athlete

What workouts have you found work best for you or found don't work for you? 

Sprint and HIIT workouts have helped me trim up. I also find single muscle group exercises work well for me and help me get that pump! For example, for glutes - staggered hip thrust and for quads - single leg extensions. 


Can you talk us through what it looks like to eat like Tess for a day? Do you commit to a special diet or calory count?

I’ve never calorie counted I’m just aware of what I eat! It changes depending on what my goals are for example I'll watch my portions more if I’m trying to trim up! I intermittents fast so I start eating at 1 and finish at 9. In that time I'll have a big lunch which can be anything from a kale salad with lots of toppings to pasta! Then around 4, I’ll have a big snack / mini meal which could be protein flapjack and fruits with peanut butter and jam rice cakes! Then I'll have a big meal around 8 my favorite is tofu ramen at the moment, followed by a big bowl of natural yoghurt with raspberries nuts and honey! 

Student life can be super unhealthy, how do you keep on top of eating healthy throughout university? 

I’ve always been really healthy, even when living in student housing I made sure that I took the time to make myself big nutritious meals that would fill me up throughout long uni days! You have to organise yourself, prep meals and put eating well as a priority!

How often do you have cheat days? And we need to know what your cheat meals look like! 

So I’d say at least once a week and I love saving it for a Sunday! It’ll start with a pastry or two… Usually a croissant or pain au chocolat, my French side coming out there!! Then for lunch, I'll either go out and grab something like a club sandwich and chips or make a New York Delhi with crisps, etc! Lots of snacks in the day then a takeaway in the evening which is either a Nando’s or I’m loving Middle Eastern food at the moment so I'll get a mixed grill with chips rice and bread! And of course, finished off with my fav pick n mix, which I layer specifically! So sour sweets then chocolate then layered all the way to the top - So specific I know! 

Do you have any healthy alternative snacks you can share with us? 

I love a snack and I’m a rubbish baker but I (try) and make healthy protein brownies or flapjacks using the Peak Supps chocolate whey protein to help the sweet tooth cravings! Otherwise, I love peanut butter and jam on a rice cake and lentil crisps (there's a lot of options out there). Protein shakes are also a good snack - my favourite is the cookies and creme


What supplements do you use? And what is your favorite Peak Supps product?

BCAAS are my go-to! I love them and the fruit punch flavour is amazing! The watermelon pre-workout is a must have that I didn’t know that I needed in my life! It keeps me going through workouts and uni work!

Tess - Peak Athlete


What is your secret to motivating yourself to work out?

My main motivation is the feeling that I'll get afterward! No matter what mood I’m in I know the feeling that I get after training just uplifts me and spurs me on! Also, it’s the time of the day I focus on myself and nothing else and that’s such a good destresser for me! 

How do you time manage university and fitness lifestyles? 

Organisation! I’m dyslexic so I’m usually all over the place so at the start of every week (and day) I plan my day to a T so that I don’t miss anything out!! That’s workouts included! If I’m short for time I try and split sessions into 30 minutes each I feel that this gives me more time weirdly?

Who inspires you the most? 

The fitness community in general! I didn’t realise when starting my account how many girls and boys were doing the same! But it really feels like such a privilege being part of a community who have similar passions to you! It inspires me for sure! 

Do you have any tips on how to keep pushing on your off days? 

Active recovery! I feel like taking days off just really depletes my motivation so just going out for a long walk with the dog just keeps me going and keeps me going even on my days off! 

If you're feeling deflated and looking for a good HIIT workout check out my full body banded workout! 

Tess - Peak Athlete - Full body workout using resistance bands

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