How to look after your mental health during lockdown with Laura


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Here's a few things I've done during lockdown to look after myself and my mental health. Firstly I'd like to start with... 

Stop feeling guilty for not working out during lockdown!
A common worry I noticed from my Instagram story the other day was that people were feeling guilty for not being able to train during lockdown. And I want to tell you that you should NOT feel guilty. We are still living in very weird times (I’m in Wales and we are in a full lockdown) so be gentle on yourself.

Of course there is plenty you can do at home to workout, there are so many great trainers doing live home workouts and many FREE workouts on my Instagram (I've just uploaded a great at home leg workout). 

Personally, I’m taking these 2 weeks off training and focusing on keeping active, which includes lots of walks with Dylan (my dog), stretching and core work.

Don’t beat yourself up... fitness is a lifestyle that should be ENJOYED. Not a chore or punishment.

If you'd like to share the positive ways you keep active in these lockdowns let me know over on Instagram. Here's a few of mine:

  • Journaling - I love writing and expressing my feelings. Sometimes I even write in my journal as if I’m writing a book... no idea why, but maybe it’ll come in useful one day?!
  • Walking - Nature is powerful - No matter the weather conditions, there’s just something about being by the sea that calms me. I honestly feel so free and peaceful. Taking Dylan out for a walk is my favourite thing ever! Just seeing his little tail wag, happily sniffing everything, so excited to be outside. It really grounds me.
  • Working out - I say it all the time, but it’s like therapy to me. My mind is completely clear during and after I workout.
  • Alone time - I’m a massive loner and need time on my own to do whatever I fancy. I find if I’m around people too much I become distracted.
  • Do something new - Reading, podcasts and learning!
  • Limits - I try and limit how much alcohol and screen time I have during these unusual times.
  • Socialising / Networking - Stay connected to people via Facetime, Zoom or social media.
  • Get organised - Even if it's small, set a goal & organise. A simple one for me is to organise my supplements and vitamins ready for the week ahead, I use Peak Supps pill box and powertowers
  • Focus - Focus on the small simple things that make me happy.
  • Do you - Do what is best for YOU right now. If home workouts aren’t for you... try walking or yoga or stretching 


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