Meet our new athlete Laura Hayter

 Instagram: @laurahayter3

 Location: Cardiff

 Profession: fitness & wellness social   media influencer and domestic abuse   public speaker

 Hello, and welcome to the team! Can   you tell us about yourself and how you   found your love for fitness? and what   has inspired you towards becoming a fitness/wellness social media influencer and domestic abuse public speaker?

I’m going to try and keep this one short! I first started going to the gym and weight training around 7 years ago after I was dragged to an outside bootcamp, which I ended up loving! I loved the social aspect, as I had just moved to a new area and didn’t have any friends locally and I also loved how good working out made me feel! My interest just grew from there really. I got a training plan, took my time to learn about fitness, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and by just asking other people in the gym!

Over the years fitness became a huge part of my lifestyle and I recognised the correlation between my mental health and exercise. Fitness was so much more to me than how I looked. It was about how it made me feel. That one hour of the day, just for me - it’s like therapy! I started to share my workouts and what I was doing on my Instagram and it just grew from there. I went from being very skinny, to a more healthy, feminine shape. And as my account grew, and also life experiences, I felt it was important that I shed light on some ’taboo’ subjects such a domestic abuse and mental health.

On my platforms I openly talk about my experiences, what domestic abuse is, the warning signs, how it may affect you and others, how to get help and so on. From here my passion grew more and more. I am now working on a few projects centred around domestic abuse, wellness and also wellness in children! So make sure you are following me to stay up to date!


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What's your favourite workout?


What does your weekly workout schedule look like?

2-3 sessions per week on calisthenics and 2 lower body workouts

We all have one...What's your most hated exercise?


What Peak Supps workout accessory could you not live without?

Hmmm… Its got to be the long resistance bands at the moment as they help me with my body weight exercises but I also love the lifting straps as they make such a difference to my deadlifts!

Peak Supps workout Accessories - Skipping rope, resistance bands, booty bands, barbell pad

What are your current fitness goals?

To be able to do 10 bodyweight pull ups and learn how to handstand!

What workouts have you found work best for you/ and found don't work for you?

I love everything about calisthenics training and found my whole upper body developed well with this style of training. I also really enjoy compound lifts for lower body!


Can you talk us through what it looks like to eat like Laura for a day? Do you commit to a special diet/ or calory count?

So Monday-Friday I have all my meals prepped to fit my macros, however if I want a pizza or a doughnut I don’t deprive myself! I usually have a bacon and egg bagel for breakfast on the weekends - breakfast is my fave meal of the day!

We know you're working on some big and important projects, how do you keep on top of eating healthy throughout work?

Having all of my meals prepped is a life saver!! It means I haven’t got to think about what I need to cook. I also add a protein shake with instant oats, from Peak Supps obviously! And the oats are a game changer as they are so fine they mix smoothly into my shake without blending! Helping me get in all my calories!

How often do you have cheat days? And we need to know what your cheat meals look like!

I don’t plan cheat days as such. I go with the flow and eat intuitively. However I am guilty of having a few pizzas in a week!!

Do you have any healthy alternative snacks you can share with us?

Yes! I’m loving natural yoghurt with strawberries currently and another fave of mine is egg muffins. You can literally add whatever you like to these. All you need to do is whisk your eggs with some salt and pepper and I like to add some cheese, spinach and chopped peppers into mine. Bake in the oven for 15 mins!

Laura Hayter - Peak Supps Athlete - Nutrition tips and healthy habbits


What supplements do you use? And what is your favorite Peak Supps product?

My go to supps have to be, protein shakes, EAAs, maltodextrin powder and eliminate burners for pre workout - However I’m looking forward to trying the new caffeine free pre workout and the beauty bundle!

Laure Hayter fitness and wellbeing social media influencer - Domestic abuse public speaker - Healthy habits and healthy eating tips


What is your secret to motivating yourself to work out?

I wish I knew the secret! I don’t think you’re always motivated to workout, but its creating the habit and actually starting which then creates the long term motivation! I also think it’s really important to enjoy what your doing and to set yourself achievable goals!

How do you time manage work and fitness?

Sometimes really well! And sometimes not so well 🤣, but I try not to put too much pressure on myself if I’m not able to train because of other commitments. However training is a part of my self care so it’s super important that I make the time to fit it in at least a few times a week!

Who inspires you the most?

Hmm.. this is a really tough one as I don’t idolise just one person. I think it’s the fitness community as a whole as everyone is super supportive and understanding! I’ve met some of my best friends through social media and the fitness industry! All the gorgeous ladies who I interact with and follow me on social media inspire me all the time! So honoured that these ladies feel comfortable enough and trust me, to open up about a variety of things in their life, fitness and not fitness related! They push me to keep going!

Do you have any tips on how to keep pushing on your off days?

I do! Visualise yourself after a workout. How are you feeling with all those good hormones and endorphins going around your body? Visualise how focused and motivated you are with all your other tasks you need to complete that day. I find getting a good workout in makes me so much more productive and I use this to push me!

Laura talks about so many important subjects on her social media, from self love to domestic abuse, make sure you check out her social media. Below is a powerful message on "how to ask for help"


Laura Hayter, Peak Supps Athlete, Social media influencer, wellbeing mentor and domestic abuse public speaker


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