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Our 7 healthy habits that can shape your lifestyle


How many times do we tell ourselves we'll start something Monday? How many of us create new goals every New Year but struggle to stick to them? We're all guilty of it. Here are our 7 tips on how to get into a realistic healthy routine that won't feel impossible to stick to.  

Goal & To-Do Lists

Our first healthy habit starts with organisation. Every new month & week, sit down and write a to-do/goal list (don't be too hard on yourself, we want to keep this realistic). Creating lists gives a sense of structure and organisation in our lives. Keeping to-do lists in our heads can become stressful and overwhelming, whereas writing them down gives a sense of life to our and gives us the extra push to complete them.

Being conscious of what you consume

Our next tip is to be conscious of what we consume. Swapping the endless scrolling through social media and TV binging for something more productive, such as reading or listening to podcasts. But when we say swapping, we don't mean ditching! Everything in life should have a balance, It's just about being conscious of what you're consuming and making healthy changes. 

Fueling our bodies with nourishing foods (without dieting or restricting)

Our third healthy habit is to reward your body with nourishing, clean & whole foods! Our diets are the main communicator with our bodies, what we consume can affect our mood, energy levels, and health. Now I know we're all guilty of not eating clean 24/7, so making small changes to your diet is a great place to start. For example, swapping normal sugar for honey or an organic coconut sugar.

Social Media de-clutter 

This is a follow-up tip on what we consume. A good old social media de-clutter! Going through your socials and unfollowing/unsubscribing to any pages that don't serve you or make you feel good.

Prioritising nature

Make nature a priority! The benefits of being around nature are endless. Whether it's eating your breakfast outside on a sunny day, going for a walk after work, or even just opening your windows and letting that fresh breeze through your home. 

Becoming a morning person

A lot of us aren't morning people, and if you are we applaud you! Getting up early in the morning can be tough. However, giving yourself extra time in the mornings can set you up for the day. Whether it's 15 minutes or 30 minutes, getting up earlier gives you more time to enjoy your morning coffee, enjoy eating your breakfast, read or even meditate. We all deserve some self-care first thing each morning. No one likes that stressful rush to get out the door!

Adding vitamins/supplements into your routine

Taking vitamins or supplements is an easy way of adding extra nutrients to your diet. A good way to prioritise your health is to find which supplements are best suited to you and your health goals and incorporate them into your routine!

The whole purpose of this blog is to keep our healthy habits as realistic as possible. Setting your goal bar high can be a great idea at the time, but it often becomes overwhelming to reach, resulting in burnout/loss of motivation. Starting with small changes first can eventually lead to big changes in the future. We don't expect you to incorporate all seven tips into your lifestyle, but we hope this blog gives you the motivation to try at least one!

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