Autumn Wellness Starter Pack


October is here, and it officially feels like autumn.

To fully embrace the new season, we thought we'd put together some autumn wellness ideas that you can try on a quiet day. 


Walking on a sunny day is great, but walking on a fresh autumn day is just the best type of walk (in our opinion). Wrapping up in your favourite gear, bringing a flask of your coffee of choice, and breathing in that crisp, cold air beats sweating and struggling through a summer walk. 


Can you beat a relaxing hot bath on a cosy autumn day? even better, have you tried adding Epsom salts to your bath? 

Epsom salts are one of many naturally occurring mineral salts, a compound of magnesium and sulfate in rock form. Many people use Epsom salts as they are believed to soothe the skin, reduce stress, and treat muscle soreness and pain (1)

Epsom salts are readily available to buy online or in certain shops within the UK.


Having a hot drink to cosy up too gives us all the autumn vibes. Why not swap your usual cuppa for a new, healthy brew?  Some of our favourites are Hot Cacao, Turmeric Milk, Chamomile Tea, and Mushroom Tea 🍄.

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Shop our range of healthy teas here.


Ever thought about switching up your eating routine to match the season?

Eating seasonally means eating foods that are harvested within that time of year. Many believe that eating seasonally is healthier, tastier, and more nutritious. This is down to the freshness of the vegetables (2)

Autumn calls for hearty stews and homemade soups with all of the vegetables of the season. Learn about seasonal vegetables here.


Finding a new, non-toxic scent for your home can be a fun and exciting task.

There are many reasons why you may want to switch to a non-toxic candle, but the main reason is to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals in your home.

Most popular or store-bought candles are made with synthetic or harmful chemicals. They are typically made with paraffin, a byproduct of petroleum.

When looking for a clean, natural candle, we recommend looking for candles made with waxes like beeswax, soy, and coconut, and for the scent, we recommend pure essential oils (4).

We hope this blog gave you some fun wellness ideas/inspo this autumn season. Which one will you try? 

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Resources & Links:


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What to Know About Seasonal Eating

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A Sustainable, Conscious Buying Guide to Non-Toxic, Paraffin-Free, and Clean-Burning Candles

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