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What's so super about Super Greens?


Supergreens Juice Peak Supps

Are you always finding yourself questioning those on social media who make smoothies in the morning? Who has that kind of time? Let’s face it, modern life is busy and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. 

Modern life is also pretty toxic. Polluted air, water contaminated with heavy metals, and exposure to synthetic chemicals in plastics… Which all affect our body.

Now, more than ever, we need to give our bodies a nutrient boost that can help support your immune system and support our body’s innate ability to detoxify.

Peak Supps Super Greens is not only super rich in hundreds of compounds our body requires to properly detoxify, it's also super convenient for modern-day life. It takes less than a minute to make, it might not be super Instagramable but it does the job.

Super Greens, detox supplements


What Are Supergreens?

Peak Supps Super Greens is a potent superfood formula packed with nutrient dense food sources. Super Greens are considered one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols. Our Super Greens have an impressive nutritional profile, providing high quality micro nutrients and macronutrients. It can help boost energy levels and detoxify the digestive system with natural nutritious ingredients. Super Greens encourage the body to be in a more alkaline state. This is particularly beneficial after intense exercise when acidic states are likely. 

Great source of Fibre

In order to maintain a healthy colon and allow proper bowel movement fibre must be consumed, many people don't get enough fibre. Super Greens are a great source of Fibre offering 1.7g of Fibre per 10g serving. On average, most people in the UK get about 18g of fibre a day. The NHS guidelines recommend aiming for at least 30g a day.

Greens can help to restore PH balance

The human body likes to maintain a balanced PH acid level, what you eat can affect this. Foods such as grains, dairy and protein are acidic. Greens supplements are alkaline, which in turn helps the body’s acid-base balance. When the body is in a less acidic state it makes it more difficult for bacteria and viruses to grow. Super Greens are essential for anyone with a busy training schedule, when the body goes into an acidic state from intense exercise. 

Timing is important when it comes to Super Greens & Exercise

Exercise promotes inflammation and oxidation in the body, which would lead you to believe taking Super Greens packed full of anti-oxidants straight after training where free radicals are present would be a good time to do so. Research shows in fact that consuming antioxidants after training can actually reduce the body’s ability to build muscle; this is because of Reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS can help encourage the muscles to grow by increasing cell activity in the muscles that rebuild and repair tissue. We would recommend taking Super Greens throughout the day, and not after training for optimum results.


Super Greens help support your immune system

Ways to take Super Greens

  • Due to the natural earthy taste of Super Greens, we would recommend adding the ratio 1:1 parts your choice of juice with water, to begin with (Our favourite recommendation is apple juice).
  • If you don't mind the earthy taste of super greens or have no time to spare? Just mix 2 teaspoons (10g) with 200-300ml of water.

  • Super Greens can be added to yogurt amongst dried fruit and nuts as a morning boost.

  • Super Greens is a great nutrient boost that can be added to all smoothies.
  • You can as creative as you want with Super Greens, we've seen them be added to pancakes, salad dressings, eggs and lots of recipe ideas.

 For more information on Peak Supps Super Greens Click Here


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